The Feng Shui Mystery Behind the Color Turquoise

Imagining yourself sitting on a beach with your toes touching a turquoise clear sea and the wind blowing your hair in all different directions, equates to pure serenity. We can’t deny the fact that Turquoise wraps all that blissful daydream. With this said, we can justify that no color can represent peace and beauty more than the color turquoise does. It gives you a sense of calm that you badly need when you are having the worst day ever. 

This much-loved radiates the right amount of chi to give you not just peace of mind but will cultivate creativity along with deep thoughts that will kick off artistic inspiration. How can this quite mysterious uniquely cute color do all of these things? According to Feng shui, bringing turquoise into your space helps fight fears and disturbing thoughts, which in return gives you a relaxing control of your atmosphere. 

The calming energy that turquoise brings is because of the perfect balance of colors blue and green

The shade of color blue in turquoise must only be in a moderate tone. Too intense blue will not just prevent calm-induced energy but will facilitate a dispiriting one. Choosing a kind or shade of blue must be taken seriously. It is advised to use a lighter shade like neon or pastel blue to achieve the serene look of your space. Blue being the representative of the water element, the life-sustaining element, it gives good health and well-being to its surroundings along with growth and regeneration. Because of this energy property, it will shield you from negative energy and improves your mood in a better way.

With water element’s purification properties, turquoise will also shield you from negative energy and promote vibrant one that will surely improve your mood and sustain your happiness all throughout. This is best for those struggling with depression, anxiety or even body fatigue.

Green on the other hand, being a wood element fights off fear and helps you develop psychic skills to help you make a better life decision along with creating good and nice impressions. Wood element is directly related to restoration and kindness, creating balanced quality in your life. As wood brings with it the life of nature, it keeps the energy of your space freely moving which makes it alive and vibrant.

Turquoise is best depicted in a gemstone. Because of its solid but smooth surface, it is well-favored among stones not just by ladies but also by gents as it is non-gender-biased color. In a celestial view, turquoise is said to bridge heaven and earth because of its purity and strong energy intuition. In feng shui, Turquoise has various aspects that it greatly influences, these include:

Your Bedroom’s Energy

The part of your home where you’ll desire to have the most calming energy. Just place one or some turquoise stones or ornaments on your bedside table to direct its energy to you. You can also put a small turquoise stone under your pillow for a good and restful night’s sleep. 

On the other aspect, turquoise is beneficial if you are having some hard and rough patch going with your partner. Position polished turquoise art or stone in the room, and combine them, at best, with lapis lazuli to boost its energy. Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone for thinking and spirituality, and it has a very high vibration. It's believed to increase self-knowledge and awareness of one's own thoughts and can help you to trust your inner wisdom


Keep in mind that in feng shui, various areas of your home equate to different aspects of your life, and your office represents your career. The turquoise’s grounding energy contributes to the focus you need when working. Since turquoise enhances creativity, placing a piece of turquoise in your office can help you nourish the qualities you need to make your work as effective and efficient as it can be. 


The uplifting energy that turquoise radiates can be best channeled in your living room, where all people, your family or guests, come and go.

The East area of the Bagua is the best place to position your turquoise artworks, ornaments, or stones. Along with the spark of creativity that turquoise brings, it will also promote your overall well-being and strengthen your romantic relationships as well.

Turquoise as connected to the water element, sustains flowing and flourishing life, along with growth and rebirth, turquoise brings also with it healing. It detoxicates bad energy and gives the body the good energy it needs to maintain its immune system. A healthy, nutrient-absorbed, and balanced body can be aided by turquoise.

Turquoise being associated with love symbolizes best all of our relationships it can also keep romantic relationships kicking and flowing. It can improve any relationship, such as between family members, friends, or even romantic ones.

Ancient civilizations valued turquoise stone considerably highly because of all of its meanings and significance. Many people in today’s generation still do.

Never forget to put these turquoise stones you put in your love area. A heart-shaped stone is a plus, buts you can choose from a wide kind of shapes and symbols, depending on the energy you want to attract in all of the different areas of your space. But make sure you don’t place any of your turquoise stones or ornaments directly in the sunlight to avoid affecting their energy in a negative kind of way.

You can just wear turquoise jewelry and benefit from its healing energy as an alternative.

There are a variety of choices, from a wealth of turquoise jewelry with a variety of gemstones, various cuts, patterns, and even myriad shades of green and blue. 

Researching to kinds of pieces you personally want can be quite empowering and enjoyable as well. Choose your own style and design it all the way you want.

Do a bit of research to find pieces that empower you and enhance your life and look stunning and complement your every outfit.

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