Feng Shui For A Good Night’s Sleep: Before & After

I recently got a call from a college student I know (ok, she’s my niece Jana) who complained that she was having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep.

Suspecting that the setup of her bedroom might have something to do with her restlessness, she asked for my advice.

She hoped that improved bedroom Feng Shui would help her to sleep better.


bedroom windows - before

Here is the room she shares with her boyfriend.  My first questions – why were all those empty  boxes in the Wealth area?  And why did the curtains fit so poorly?

She’d been saving the boxes for their eventual move, which may or may not happen several months from now. The curtains were a stopgap measure because the fixtures and blinds were broken.

So, her Wealth corner was filled with empty boxes and broken fixtures.  This was a likely cause of her lack of a feeling of abundance and serenity.

Possibly even worse, the floor plan indicated an outdoor balcony, but the path to it was blocked by boxes. 

Chi energy was getting seriously stuck in this room.

I turned my attention to the bed.

The bed.

The person on the left-hand side of this bed has a “poison arrow” pointing at them from a protruding corner of the wall (you can see it clearly in the floorplan). This bed needed adjustments to help the couple sleep peacefully at night.

After we spoke, Jana got to work. Here’s the Wealth corner now:


Windows - after

A clear path to the balcony door!

In the corner near the window, she placed a cozy chair and lamp to give herself another place to study, and enhance the Relationship energy of the room.

She moved the bed away from the “poison arrow” wall, hanging a beautiful beach photo there to absorb the negative Chi energy that had been pointing at the bed.

bed and lamps - after.

She also added a lamp on the left-hand side of the bed to improve the balance of her relationship with her boyfriend.

As Jana mentions in her own blog on the changes, she was having a hard time sleeping because she wasn’t feeling, deep down inside, that this was actually her home.

As soon as she brought her attention, and Intention, to her room, she started sleeping through the night.

Is there anything here that sounds familiar to you?

Is it time for you to use Feng Shui to make your house a home?

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