The Feng Shui Do's and Don’ts With Bedroom Storage

You will start and end your day in the very same room: your personal bedroom!

The bedroom is the room in your entire home where you will spend most of your time, that is why the flow of chi is most critical in this space.

Many feng shui experts never failed to warn us from time to time to avoid cluttering our bedroom with unnecessary stuff, but we can’t avoid keeping the things that are most personal and close to our hearts in the very room we consider our own. 

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts with some tips to prevent making our bedroom a storage unit as most of us tried to avoid but still do:

Don’t Keep Family Photos in Your Bedroom

According to Feng Shui, family photos stored specifically in your bedroom, like that of your parents, children, or any family members, produce overwhelming yang energy that is the number one cause of restless sleep. Even pictures of deceased loved ones can also facilitate unrestlessness.

Better place your family photos in the personal wealth sector (southwest corner) of your home like in your living room, facing a window for it to cater to fresh chi energy and channel it into your entire home. Even your coffee table is the best place for these photos, just make sure that they are framed in a respectable manner according to the pictures’ context.

Though family portraits are the most beautiful displays in your house as they represent the love and bond within a family, make sure they include all of the family members.

Do Keep Photos or Memorabilia of a Loved One You are Romantically Involved In 

It is best to only keep photos of a partner, lover, or spouse in your bedroom. Remember that displaying a big frame of a couple or wedding photos directly above your bed can create too much energy force, so better avoid it.

Photos store with them all memories that the human mind can’t, along with those memories are energy that these photos carry. Store only the ones with happy memories with it, as bad ones tend to distort the chi that flows within your personal space. 

Also, ensure that in your photos people are smiling. Storing a picture of a deceased significant other is allowed as long as he/she is still in a good healthy condition on the photo stored and is still in a cheerful state.

Don’t Create Clutter Under Your Bed 


Your under-bed is the best place you will want to place things you don’t immediately need at the moment but will be necessary at a later time, which is why it is the number one cause of clutter in your bedroom. These things go from shop boxes to shoes, even dirty laundry sometimes.

Feng shui experts refer to this as the main cause of obstructing the sleep pattern of an individual resting in that same above space: your very bed. The flow of chi now becomes uneven because of this clutter that messes up the energy fields within your bedroom.

That is why it is advisable to avoid putting anything underneath your bed. For many of us who are living in a limited-space apartment, adhering to these is impossible, but we don’t have to worry as experts offer us an alternative solution: Storage Boxes!

These storage boxes will allow us to make use of the space under our bed. Take heed that these storage boxes must be oval or round as well as reflective. These very designs will allow a smooth flow of chi even though we are storing things under our beds. 

The reflective design is best portrayed by mirrors. These create wide-ranging space under your bed and repulse bad energy by sending them away from the center space of your bed to the outside, thus bouncing out stagnant chi.

The oval or round shape will be the one to guard off the static energy under your bed and will keep them from flowing through its curvy edges. Just make sure to make some space in between these boxes as negative chi often stagnated on the sides if they don’t have any space to move into


Your wardrobe closet is the main storage there is in your room. It can store all things you can keep, from clothes to bags, even shoes. But what does feng shui have to say about this?

Although a closet can make your bedroom look neat by placing in there all stuff you need to store, keep in mind that it can still block the chi that flows evenly in your bedroom. You must still put things in there with context, don’t just put anything there is to store in your closet. 

Less is more principle can be best applied in choosing what goes and what stays in your closet. Studies show that only twenty percent of what a person has in his/her closet is what he/she actually uses. It is best to only have the basic clothes in your closet on which you can style differently on various occasions.

Re-organizing your wardrobe can be a great tool to eliminate unnecessary ones. You can categorize them according to their use, like for: work, casual, and formal. Arranging them by color is a great strategy too, as it can help you find the right one to wear on a specific day especially when you are considering a perfect color combination for your OOTD.

Having a well-connected and ordered ward robe can doze off the stagnant chi that stays in your closet. It can alternatively facilitate the flow of energy because of its arrayed position of things.

The outside of your wardrobe must follow the whole theme of your room. Don’t let it occupy so much space to avoid blocking energy flow and bright sunlight entering your room.

Our bedroom represents our overall mental and physical well-being, so take to heart these few tips and make your personal space a good place to rest!

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