Feng Shui In The Bedroom: Storage Dos & Don’ts

The master bedroom is so important to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that it’s considered the #1 most important room in Feng Shui.

But sometimes it feels like something as simple as storage can prevent good bedroom Feng Shui from ever being possible!

Here are some common questions about managing storage in your bedroom from a Feng Shui perspective.

Q: Is it OK to keep personal memorabilia in my bedroom?
 In general memorabilia doesn’t belong in the master bedroom.  Memorabilia holds powerful residual energy from the past that can disturb your sleep or interfere with your ability to connect with your romantic partner.

Memorabilia is also unlikely to serve the Primary Purpose of your bedroom (read more here about your Primary Purpose).

For every item in your bedroom, ask yourself: Does this support the Primary Purpose of my bedroom today – or does it remind me of the past and keep me tied there?

Q: I really need my under-bed storage. What does Feng Shui say about keeping things there?
A: In general Feng Shui would like the area under your bed to be completely clear so Chi energy can circulate and nourish you as you sleep, and because the intrinsic energy of anything stored there can profoundly affect your sleeping habits.

But for those who live in small spaces, including myself, under-bed storage space is essential.

Store things under your bed that have as little active energy as possible, keeping in mind how near to you these things will be as you sleep.

Things like off-season bed linens are best. They’re energetically neutral, and ideal for this spot since they’re bulky and take up huge amounts of space no matter where you keep them.

Q: What about off-season clothing?
A: Clothing has been “out in the world” and contains residual active energy. Storing it in a bedroom closet is fine as long as you make sure it’s clean, well-loved, and neatly hung up or stacked.

Don’t over-pack your closet when you store your off-season things. Use the power of your Intention to relieve it of any negative vibrations that might possibly affect you as you sleep.

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