Feng Shui Interior Design Ideas You'll Love

Much like how feng shui bedrooms prioritize natural materials, soothing colors, and a balanced layout, these qualities also define a well-composed feng shui living room. Feng shui as an art form stresses the significance of emotions; your surroundings should induce feelings of calmness, comfort, and tranquility. 

When you apply feng shui guidelines to your resting and common areas, you can cultivate a more serene ambiance. As your home evolves into a genuine oasis of peace, your own relaxation will correspondingly increase. Here are some tips to help you achieve a feng shui home.

Use Indoor Plants

Incorporating indoor plants into your room layout is an uncomplicated yet effective method to enhance feng shui. It's crucial to remember that various plants and their respective placements can amplify different kinds of chi. Hence, conduct some preliminary research before heading to your nearest plant nursery. 

Broadly speaking, plants are emblematic of life-enhancing energy. Regardless of the type you choose, they will inevitably infuse any space with a sense of liveliness and rejuvenation. Some plants can however bring pests. If this is the case, get in touch with commercial pest control services for controlled and harmless removal of pests while keeping a calm aura.

Embrace the Radiance of Nature's Light

Our well-being must experience yin (subdued, soft light) and yang (vivid, intense light) energies. This is why it's vital to consider window solutions that allow you to manage the influx of natural light. Remember this when making feng shui-based interior design decisions by your home's inherent lighting.

Consider high-quality blackout curtains as an example. They guarantee a peaceful night's sleep, yet when pulled aside, they let a generous amount of sunlight flood in. It's all about finding the right equilibrium.

Choose Furniture with a Simpler Design

Feng shui primarily involves repositioning your current belongings instead of acquiring new items that conform to a specific design style, thus, it's essential to include your furniture in your decluttering routine.

On the other hand, if you're intending to adorn a new home from the ground up or alter your present decor, we suggest selecting pieces that boast uncomplicated, sleek lines and lack unnecessary ornamental features. Parallel to decluttering, this strategy will assist you in warding off a cluttered ambiance by sustaining a visually uninterrupted and distraction-free flow.

Utilize the Appropriate Shapes

When selecting furniture or decor, it's beneficial to focus on pieces with neat geometrical shapes such as squares and rectangles or those with unique, natural forms akin to pebble shapes.  Avoiding an excess of triangle and circle shapes unless they contribute to a particular ambiance is generally advisable. For instance, a circular coffee table can promote engagement and foster a sense of connection among guests in your living room.

Balance the Five Elements

Feng shui classifies the world into five fundamental elements:

  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water

If your space seems unbalanced, you can rectify this by adjusting your bedroom's color scheme, shapes, decorations, and textures to reflect these elements. You could introduce wooden fixtures, add more animal motifs, or bring candles into your room. 

No matter what personal touches you choose to include, integrating these earthly elements can enhance warmth and instill a feeling of groundedness. Other suggestions could be hanging an abstract painting of a landscape, setting up a small water fountain, or getting a marble candle holder.


Utilizing feng shui interior design principles in your home or office can help you foster a serene and balanced environment that promotes and enriches love and relationships. Always remember to give precedence to comfort, functionality, and your unique style when altering your space.

Bear in mind that feng shui is not an exact science and various individuals may hold differing views on its effectiveness. The decision about what feels right and resonates with you in your home ultimately lies in your hands.

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