3 Significant Areas of Your Home That Feng Shui Says You Have to Know

From the feng shui bagua perspective, your home is divided into nine separate areas. Each of these areas represents different aspects of your life namely wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, children and creativity, ancestors and health, knowledge and cultivation, helpful people and travels, career, and lastly the center. Thus, you should be wary of planning the layout of your house since assigning each area to the right use is crucial. What I mean by this is that you should be able to locate your rooms and areas of activity in the right bagua area. Because if not, the different aspects of your life might be compromised. 

One example of committing mistakes in relation to this is having your bathroom in the fame and reputation area of your home which is correspondent to flushing your self-image down the drain. With all these being said, each room must be taken care of as all these are important in your home. Nevertheless, if you come and notice it, feng shui specifically focuses more on these three areas of your home: the front entryway, kitchen, and master bedroom. You will see a bunch of articles talking about these three areas more than any other. Why—you ask? It is simply because these areas affect you greatly more than any other area. If you want to know why feng shui values these three rooms so much and if you want to learn how to enhance them, then read on!

Why Are These 3 Rooms Significant?

Front Entry and Foyer

The reason why your front entry and foyer is significant is that this is the opening of your house where you let in the energies given out by the universe. Your front entry is also termed the chi mouth of your home. If this part of your house is in a bad condition where it cannot let the energies flow freely and instead create a blockage, then the rest part of your home will be in peril as well. It is as if your home is your body, and you are not letting yourself get all the nutrients from food because your mouth is blocked! That is why this part of your home must always be maintained properly and checked regularly.

Accordingly the front entry should be at the bottom of the bagua map and is usually in the knowledge and self-cultivation area, helpful people and travel, or career area.


Your kitchen is one of the most essential parts of your house because apparently, this area represents the sources you receive from all your hard work. According to feng shui, your kitchen is best located in the south-east corner of your house and never in the centeras this could burn the heart of your home. Moreover, you should be able to have a clean and wide space to be able to cater to more blessing that is coming. 

Another reason is that this is the place where you prepare food that you will eventually eat with your family. In the feng shui sense, it is the stomach of your home. For that reason, it is crucial for you to make sure that this area is in good feng shui condition since the nutrition you put inside your body relies heavily upon your kitchen. When this area is at stake, the health of you and your family is at risk as well. If you haven’t been mindful of your kitchen’s condition, then you might want to change that habit. Start assessing your kitchen and make sure you are not overlooking any bad feng shui practice that you might be doing in it.

Master Bedroom

You probably already expected your bedroom to be included in the list as you spent most of your time in this area. Considering feng shui’s point of view, the bedroom is the place where your body’s energy will become replenished. Thus, you must be extremely cognizant of the energies present inside your bedroom. Not having the right feng shui condition inside your bedroom can lead to disturbed sleep and relaxation. As a consequence, you are not able to function well while working on your career and business.

 In addition, it can also impact your relationship with your significant other as it may cause a disruption to initiate a conversation between the two of you. A lot of people had been claiming that several divorced couples are linked to once having a bedroom with a poor feng shui state. Even though this is not a proven fact, it is always wise to avoid it than be sorry. 

Lastly, your sleep contributes profoundly to the state of your health. By making sure you stay healthy, you should also make sure your sleeping area caters to you in the best way it could. 

How To Enhance These 3 Areas?

Front Entry and Foyer

The most basic way to enhance the feng shui energy in your front entryway is to make sure it is decluttered. Get rid of dirty and unappealing shoe racks and invest in a clean cabinet instead. Also, make sure to have artwork and plants to make it more inviting. It is also suggested to use feng shui charms that can either attract good energies or deflect poison arrows if your house layout causes feng shui problems. You can also read more about entryways here.


Your kitchen must be organized and clean as possible. Meaning, you should have a different space for your stove and your sink. According to feng shui, these parts should not be placed beside each other since they do not carry complementary elements. The stove represents fire while the sink symbolizes water. Water puts out the fire and this should not happen in your kitchen since the stove is the most important part of it. It is suggested to follow the traditional triangle model to avoid making this mistake.


It is encouraged to make your bedroom the coziest area in your home. Clutter should not evade your bedroom and it is also not encouraged to store a lot of things around your bed. Install dim lights in your bedroom to create a relaxing mood. Also, make sure your bed has a headboard as this acts as a mountain to back you up in your most vulnerable state. Moreover, always arrange your bed in a corner that allows you to have a command position.

For married couples, a king-sized bed should be avoided at all costs as it is believed to be bad feng shui. The space between them acts as a barrier that can eventually lead to a lack of intimacy. 

In a Nutshell

The entryway, kitchen, and bedroom are the areas of your home that possess a bigger influence on you. Therefore, you must be especially careful with these three rooms. Now that you know the significance they hold, you will surely become warier of all the dos and don’ts of each space. Visit our blog and discover more about these three rooms!

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