Feng Shui Solutions For Your Bed’s Open Headboard

Many readers have written in with a very specific question:

“What’s the best Feng Shui solution if the headboard of my bed is essentially an attached storage unit?”

In a previous post I wrote about how open headboards are a “Feng Shui no-no” because they can easily turn into clutter magnets.

The headboards’ many shelves, nooks and crannies attract books and magazines, phones and/or iPods, clocks, family photographs, tchotkes and more.

For the most part none of this is good to have in your bedroom, never mind right next to your head as you sleep.

  • Practical Feng Shui tip for a good night’s sleep: Keep your electronic clock radio on a separate surface at least 20″ from your head and cover its light with a cloth during sleeping hours.

Good Feng Shui for your bed includes a solid headboard that cradles you like a protective mountain as you sleep.

If switching out your open headboard isn’t an option, give yourself peace of mind by creating a  your own Feng Shui headboard.

Here’s an easy Feng Shui idea: Fill the shelves with soft items like small pillows, and then cover the whole thing with a beautiful piece of fabric.

In this way you create a soft, inviting headboard that sets you up for a better night’s sleep as well as a better place to connect with yourself and your partner during the night without any unnecessary distractions.

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