Feng Shui tips and rules

Give free rein to the energies of life and decorate your new home with the help of Chinese harmony theory. We'll tell you the four most important tips that matter.

You don't have to be spiritual and believe in air and water spirits to bring a breath of fresh air into your new home with a few simple tricks. The ancient Chinese theory of harmony, Feng Shui, harmonises people with their surroundings through special design rules. We reveal how easy it is to transform your four walls into an oasis of calm. 

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Free your soul 

If you are looking for decorating ideas and want to design your property with the help of feng shui, the first step towards a harmonious home may sound strange at first. Declutter your life and get rid of things you no longer need. A tidy home allows the life energy Chi to flow. You will soon realise that you will immediately feel much more at ease. 

To ensure that the flow of energy is not interrupted, doors should always be open and passageways should not be blocked by furnishings. This allows the chi to flow unhindered through your entire home. Don't worry, the door to your flat and bathroom can of course be closed. 

The next step is to strictly separate your living spaces. This means, for example, that your desk and laptop have no place in your bedroom. You won't be able to rest in your cosy box-spring bed if your eyes fall on your desk before you fall asleep. Divide your life into clear areas and assign each part its own place, which is designed accordingly.

Decorating ideas à la Feng Shui

Even though "less is more" is an important basic rule in feng shui, you are welcome to decorate your home. However, you should follow a few important rules to ensure that the life energy chi does not stagnate. Above all, it is important that the decoration matches the purpose of the room. For example, do not disturb the tranquillity of your bedroom with bright colours.

1. Mirrors 

Avoid mirrors opposite the front door, as this reflects the chi back out of the flat. Mirrors are also not ideal in the bedroom. They reflect back spent energy and make for restless sleep. In the dining room and living room, however, mirrors can strengthen the chi.

2. Furniture

Look for organically curved shapes in your furniture that allow the chi to flow harmoniously. According to Feng Shui, a kidney-shaped table without corners and edges is better than a rectangular table in the living room.

The alignment of your furniture is also essential in feng shui. For example, your bed should not be placed between the window and the door. With seating areas, you should make sure that they never have the door at their back.

3. Light & water 

In feng shui, light and water are important elements that give us strength and vigour. Use translucent blinds and curtains to let as much natural light into your home as possible. Rooms that are well lit with different light sources have a harmonious effect. This gives dark and inanimate corners in particular an extra dose of chi. Water sources should also be included. How about an indoor fountain in the entrance area, for example?

4. Plants

Plants boost the chi and should not be missing in any home. Bare corners are enhanced by lush greenery. However, make sure that your plants are always well cared for, as dead things are the enemy of chi. Dispose of dried bouquets of flowers and avoid using stuffed animals and trophies as decorative elements.

If you stick to the simple rules of feng shui, you can easily get the life energy flowing. Your new neighbours will be delighted by the positive energy in your home when you soon invite them over for a cosy dinner.

Furnish your home according to Feng Shui

Would you like to bring peace, serenity and harmony into your home? Then feng shui is just the thing for you! We'll show you how to get the energy flowing in your home thanks to the Chinese theory of harmony and create an environment that invites you to relax and feel good.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui means wind and water and is originally a Chinese theory of harmony. As a philosophy of life, Feng Shui is about finding peace and strength through a harmonious environment. In recent years, it has developed into an interior trend which, due to its simplicity, works perfectly with many other styles such as modern living, country house look or Japandi style.

The Feng Shui Bagua

Let's take a look at the bagua before we start with the tips for furnishing according to feng shui. You can think of the feng shui bagua as a map for your home, which you can use to divide your living spaces into different zones. The bagua contains nine zones, which in turn contain different themes: Career, family, wealth, fame, partnership, health, children, friends and life path. When furnishing your home, simply place the bagua grid next to the floor plan to find out which room best fulfils which purpose. At the same time, the bagua helps you to optimise the flow of energy within your four walls and let it flow through your rooms. Optionally, you can also apply the bagua to your particular room and, depending on the placement of your furniture, strengthen individual zones of the bagua according to the cardinal points.

Bedroom set up according to Feng Shui so that the headboard is against the wall and doors and windows can be kept in view

Furnishing the bedroom according to feng shui

When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, let's start with the centrepiece of the room: your bed. To ensure that the energy flows in your bedroom flow perfectly and that harmony and tranquillity return to the room, the correct positioning of your bed is the be-all and end-all. Here are our tips.  

How to position your bed

  • Position your bed so that the headboard is against the wall and you have a view of doors and windows.
  • Do not place your bed between a door and a window or between two opposite windows
  • Make sure that there are no water or heating pipes on the wall against which your bed is positioned, as these will affect your sleep.
  • Do not place the foot of your bed towards the door, as this weakens the energy flows, i.e. the chi.
  • Diagram illustrating four feng shui rules in the bedroom, such as no open shelves or mirrors

Feng Shui rules in the bedroom

  • Choose subtle and harmonious colours, such as brown, beige and green tones.  
  • Light-coloured carpets in soft tones and minimalist designs provide more cosiness, calm and chi in the bedroom. 
  • Use only a few decorative items in the bedroom.
  • Tidiness is the be-all and end-all to keep the energy flowing in your bedroom. Therefore, choose mainly closed furniture behind which chaos and clutter simply disappear.
  • Don't hang heavy shelves or huge pictures above your bed.
  • According to Feng Shui, mirrors in the sleeping area cause unrest. So place them in the hallway, bathroom or living room instead.
  • Hang up personal pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Pictures of beautiful moments with loved ones strengthen your sense of well-being.
  • Banish televisions and other electrical appliances from your bedroom to find inner peace.
  • Opt for warm wooden furniture. In contrast to cool metal furniture, this creates a cosy and harmonious atmosphere.

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