Feng Shui Tips for Building a House With Good Energy

Stepping into a new dwelling offers the exhilarating prospect of beginning anew. The yearning for fresh starts and happy initiations is common, even as we often find ourselves reluctant to release the past. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of feng shui, you can clear away old energies while welcoming new ones into your existence.

Nonetheless, an additional feng shui principle is crucial to understand as you transition to your new abode. According to feng shui principles, it's insufficient to merely dispel old energies (energy clearing) and set new aspirations (implementing feng shui remedies). Embarking on life in a new home requires establishing a foundation of pristine and positive energy from the start.

Recognizing that homes retain the imprint of past occurrences, much like humans, is essential. The residual energy from previous events can persist within its walls. Upon entering a new living space, the most effective strategy involves conducting a thorough space cleansing to ensure a fresh beginning. Once you've performed the necessary space cleansing, focusing intently on four key feng shui aspects is crucial.

Mindfully Designed Furniture and Accessories

Consider carefully the selection of heat treated vs pressure treated wood and accessories for your living spaces. Choose furniture that supports the activities intended for the space, ensuring it doesn't inhibit movement through your home. Functionality is key; purely ornamental pieces can lead to unnecessary clutter. 

Items that are not in use can obstruct the flow of positive vibes throughout your dwelling. Accessories should resonate personally, bringing joy and reflecting your achievements or connections to family and friends. Mirrors are renowned for their ability to make compact spaces look larger and for their capability to enhance the room's energy, essentially amplifying the ambiance.

Clear the Clutter

Feng Shui aims to preserve harmony among a home's elements. When items within your residence disrupt this equilibrium, they may impede the movement of qi or vital energy. Clutter is often a manifestation of scattered thoughts that can be burdensome. By fostering an environment of clarity, you enable your mind to move without restraint. Clearing such spaces liberates your thoughts and enhances the influx of natural light by eliminating barriers that block or dim it.

Reduce the Flow of Energy

After clearing out the clutter, the subsequent task decelerates the energy movement. You aim to maintain the positive energy within your home, ensuring its retention. Start by examining the routes within your home. 

Considering nature seldom follows straight lines, the optimal arrangement avoids having doors directly opposite each other, particularly concerning your front and back doors. This prevents the premature exit of positive energies as they arrive. Placing art, rugs, plants, or additional elements in typically unobstructed areas causes individuals to stop momentarily, effectively slowing the energy's pace.

Offer Visitors a Motive to Pause

According to feng shui specialists, energy enters your home through the primary entrance (also known as your front door), and it's not ideal to rush directly upstairs. Imagine how odd it would be if a guest entered and immediately went for the fridge or bedroom. You'd prefer them to spend time in the shared spaces instead.

To moderate the energy flow entering your house, consider installing a stair runner or hanging artwork that makes you stop and think. Another feng shui strategy involves placing an object at the top of the stairs representing weightiness to ground the energy, encouraging it to decelerate.


Adhering to these easy feng shui guidelines can help you establish a home that radiates positive energy and harmony. It's important to approach this with an open mind and enjoy the journey.

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