Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen Pantry

The ancient art of Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years to promote harmony and balance in an environment by attending to the placement of objects and energy flow within it. Interior design which incorporates Feng Shui principles can be applied in every room of a house to enhance the comfort, wellbeing and health of its residents. 

While many homeowners are mindful of Feng Shui principles and actively seek to incorporate them into their new or existing place of residence, the philosophy behind this art can also be applied to less visible areas of the home such as closets, garage and utility rooms, bringing positive energy, or chi, to every corner of the home. In this article, we will focus on bringing greater harmony and balance to your kitchen pantry, allowing you to optimize this often overlooked space in the heart of your home.


Whether you are undertaking a kitchen remodeling and building a new pantry from scratch or seeking to uplift your current one, the first step to creating a harmonious and balanced pantry is by decluttering.

Over time, this space in your kitchen can become filled with old or unused items that are taking up space. Not only can this be stressful and time-consuming when looking for what you need, but can also diminish the overall flow of energy throughout your kitchen and home. You can begin freeing up this space by taking stock of your pantry and decluttering any items you no longer need or have expired.


Create balance and order in your pantry by organizing its contents. This can be achieved by categorizing and arranging similar items next to each other such as cereals, pastas, canned goods, and baking items. The five elements of Feng Shui can be incorporated in your pantry through the use of color and material. For example:

  • Earth element:  Earthy tones can be used to paint shelves or incorporated through the use of clay pots or earthenware jars to store dry goods.
  • Fire element: Reds, yellows and oranges can bring warmth and energy to this space by painting these colors onto ceramic jars or pottery.
  • Water element: This element can be symbolized through black and blue hues as well as by glass jars or containers for items like pasta, cereals, or spices.
  • Metal element: Metallic shelving, containers or door handles can be used to represent the metal element. 
  • Wood element: Wooden elements can be introduced through container jar lids and shelving and can also be used to create a rack for organizing spices.
  • Storage

    Once your pantry has been decluttered and organized according to Feng Shui principles, it's important to maintain this harmony by following the food storage tips below:

    • Clutter can be minimized by storing food in clear containers so it remains easily visible.
    • Keep the flow of energy moving by regularly reviewing your pantry to ensure it is clean and all items are organized, still needed, and not expired.
    • Storing fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, not the pantry, will ensure your kitchen is infused with their vibrant and revitalizing energy.

    Follow these Feng Shui tips to bring greater energy flow, balance and harmony to your pantry, kitchen and home.

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