Feng Shui Tips When Your Bed Doesn’t Have A Headboard

Great Feng Shui questions continue to flow into my email inbox. Reader Zelia wants to know:

“I’ve done everything else for good Feng Shui in my bedroom, but do I really need a headboard for my bed?”

BEFORE: A queen-sized bed with no headboard or other Feng Shui adjustment.

It’s true that one of the most-often recommended Feng Shui bedroom adjustments is a solid headboard for your bed.

Whether you’re single or in a couple, a child or an adult, a headboard gives you the sense that you have a safe, strong mountain at your back as you sleep.

A good Feng Shui headboard also helps set up your bedroom for romance by creating a safe space for intimacy and connection.

For the best Feng Shui, the style of headboard is key:

  • It should be made of wood, not metal.
  • Padded headboards are also OK.
  • It must be solid, not open or barred.
  • Storage headboards attract clutter; they are a “Feng Shui no-no.”

With solid wood or padding at your back, you always feel that you have something solid to lean on. This subconscious knowledge helps you relax, get the best possible night’s sleep, and connect meaningfully with your partner.

But it’s not always easy to set up a headboard.

  • Perhaps your bedroom is small and a headboard would make it feel over-crowded.
  • Or perhaps a headboard isn’t in your budget right now.
  • Or maybe your living situation is temporary and a headboard would be an impractical purchase.

Just because you can’t have a headboard, there’s no need to panic. You can still have good bedroom Feng Shui by setting your bed up with care and intention.

AFTER: The addition of large supportive pillows creates good Feng Shui for this bed.

A headboard does not fit comfortably in this couple’s small bedroom. But simply adding two large (European Square) pillows in back of the regular sleeping pillows gives them a comfortable, cozy, makeshift “headboard” that they can lean on as fully as any regular headboard.

When it’s time for sleep they place the extra-large pillows on the floor next to the bed until it’s time to make up the bed the next morning.

If your situation doesn’t allow for a headboard right now, make the smaller investment in good-quality oversized pillows.

Give yourself, your bed and your bedroom the good Feng Shui — and Chi energy boost — that you deserve.

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