Missing a Headboard? Here are the Best Feng Shui Alternatives

An intact and well-placed headboard is said to be the most effective bedroom feng shui as it represents a firm foundation at your place of rest. It will reassure you that all will be well as you sleep. This also allows your personal qi to surround your bed rather than escaping through the window.

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The headboard must be well-connected with the bed frame (never use a wall-mounted headboard) to make it as fixated as possible. This will secure your safety as you lean against it during bedtime. Some feng shui experts suggest that you must allow a little space between the headboard and the wall to allow the good energy to flow smoothly from the focal point of your bedroom to the whole room. 

You must also pay attention to the headboards’:

  1. Color: must be calming to promote the good energy. Colors represent a different kind of energy, choose those you want to welcome into your life. If you want to entertain no other energy aside from peace and calm in your bedroom, pink is the color for you (like the picture illustrated above).

  2. Shape: avoid edgy, pointed, and sharp shapes. Corners with sharp have a way of directing the bad energy that can disrupt your rest. Go instead for curvy and round ones. If your bed is made up only of two twin-sized bed put together, and a gap is created between the two headboards, customize it as shown in the picture below.

  3. Material: choose padded fabric material that allows your headboard to be sturdy and soft at the same time. Wood is most preferred as it assures the build and strength of the headboard. But never use metal. A metal-type bed can result in health issues like headaches. Aside from not being able to provide good support to your bed, metal also conducts more negative energy rather than good. 

  4. Framework: must be solid. This will signify strong support. Open, holey, or barred design is a no-no, as it will only distort and drain the flow of energy in your bed through its gaps. Feeling unrested after your sleep is one of its results. Storage-type design and overhanging compartments for storage must be avoided as they can only cause clutter. Take heed that your bed’s platform is the perfect fit for the headboard.

  5. Height: this varies according to your body build. Choose just the right height that you feel comfortable leaning against. You can freely customize your bed if you want. A taller headboard is always recommended by feng shui specialists.

Setting up a headboard can be pretty challenging. It will be impractical for you to comply with these requirements if you are under space, time, and budget constraints.

First is Space. Adding a headboard to your standard bed can make your small room overcrowded. This happens if you are living in the middle of the city where every bedroom has a specific dimension just enough for your bed. This instead creates clutter which is mostly prohibited in feng shui.

The second is Time. You are living under a short lease term and will transfer soon. Selecting a headboard that perfectly fits your bed is time-consuming. It will be impractical to purchase a new headboard for a short period of usage. Or even if you’ll be bringing your bed with you, you will not know if your new space can cater to the space that your bed along with its headboard requires.

Last, but definitely not least, is your Budget. Your finances can’t allow another new purchase as costly as a headboard. To think that you can’t just buy any headboard you see because there are many considerations to think about as discussed above. 

Worry no more! We will give you plenty of ideas for an alternative headboard that accommodates your space, time, and money.

       1. European Square Pillow

You can place two European Square pillows at the back of your regular pillows. As can be seen in the picture below, the two large pillows will now be your improvised headboard. 

Take into account that one of the principles of feng shui is that everything must come into pairs. You need a pair of these pillows as your headboard makeshift to maintain a harmonious bedspace.

      2. Assembled Wood


our bed to present it as you have with you a real headboard. The wall itself serves as your ultimate support, so there’s nothing to worry about.

     3. Pipe Insulation Tube wrapped with a fabric of your choice

This is based on the idea of Jill Tenant for a budget-friendly headboard. The star of this DIY is a pipe insulation, along with insulation foam board, project foam, and poster board. 

If the headboard that you want is the same as the picture above, cut your fume tubes into lengths that portray a rainbow shape. Using adhesive materials and tools, you must attach the fabric (softer ones are preferable for the most comfortable feeling while sleeping) of your choice to the fume tube. As for the arch that will back your headboard, use the foam board. For the finale, assemble your headboard by attaching the center of the foam arch to the foam board and secure the fabric-wrapped tubes to the side and edges. Continue until all tubes are attached. There you go, you now have a chick headboard that perfectly fits your style.

The very purpose of putting a headboard is for solid support of your area of rest. As long as it is present, whether they are real headboards or a D-I-Y kind, you’ll never worry about a thing.

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Wood is the most recommended material for headboards by feng shui experts as it serves as a sturdy support for the whole bed. The only downfall is that it is quite expensive. But some stores sell strips of wood ready to be assembled. Just remember to cut off the resulting edges after you assemble these woods to prevent the bad energy from directly pointing at you as you sleep.

    4. Removable Wallpaper

Whimsical wallpaper is in trend nowadays, take advantage of its availability by using them as your customized headboard. Stick the wallpaper directly above y

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