Feng Shui: Tools, Not Rules!

One of the things that gets in the way of people using Feng Shui is a fear that they will never be able to learn all of Feng Shui’s “rules,” so what’s the point of trying.

In fact Feng Shui is not a list of rules, but a set of tools.

Feng Shui’s precepts have developed over thousands of years of experience and observation.

Now, in the 21st century, Feng Shui has come to comprise a set of tools that speed up the process of identifying the features of a space which may be causing problems in your life.

We use these Feng Shui tools and techniques to adjust the energy in your environment to give you the health, happiness and abundance you seek.

Let’s take bedroom mirrors as an example.

When I have a client who is not sleeping well, or feels that things have “gone cold” in their love life, I immediately look to their bedroom for possible problems.

The “Feng Shui tools” I draw on include an understanding of how to look at and make adjustments to

Using these tools to look at the bedroom, I might notice a mirror in a prominent place. It’s worth a try to remove the mirror to re-balance the room, making it a more Yin space: relaxing, intimate and serene.

Removing the mirror is not a “rule” in Feng Shui, but an important tool that may well fix the problem at hand. If this doesn’t work, we have other techniques in the toolbox to work with.

Each situation requires its own set of tools.

What are your challenges? Let me know, so I can suggest the best Feng Shui tools to smooth your path.

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