How Feng Shui Approve Your Bed Under a Window

Imagine moving into a super cozy apartment, but the bedroom takes all that charm away. You end up setting the bed under the window despite trying so hard.

Well, that's pretty much against the Feng Shui rules! Also, designers discourage such a setting.

But hello to the diverse world of interiors!

The dilemma of not finding the perfect feng shui space for your bed could ruin your excitement if the new place hasn't been designed according to Feng Shui rules. It could be for any reason, like closets covering the main wall.

Why Is Bed Under the Window a Bad Idea?

We all know that one of the no-nos of Feng Shui is placing your bed underneath a window.

Despite getting attracted to Pinterest aesthetic pictures, you must think twice before doing so. Apart from getting exposed to all the curious passersby and blocking the outdoor view, you can hinder all the positive energy and your sleep cycle. 

From a interior design perspective, placing a bed under a window may not be appealing in terms of symmetry and balance at the room. It can make arranging furniture and creating a cohesive design more challenging.

Some bedrooms haven’t been designed with Feng Shui in mind, giving you no choice but to place your bed in a less-than-ideal spot.

This happens for all kinds of reasons — the room may not have been designed as a bedroom originally, or perhaps closets were added as an afterthought. All you know as the occupant is the importance of good Feng Shui as you sleep.

There are some solid reasons why Feng Shui experts consider the window a no-sleep area.

Placement of Bed Affects Your Relationship

If you want to attract your romantic partner, you would like your bed to be in a position that promotes good energy flow for relationships. Yes, it's a thing in Feng Shui!

But what does that mean exactly?

Well, according to Feng Shui experts, the best way to place your bed is with the headboard against a solid wall (preferably not a window). Also, remember that you have enough space on either side to easily get in and out of bed. That's because this positioning gives a sense of stability and support—both vital in a relationship.

Placement of Bed Affects Your Health

Never in any of your wildest dreams would you have thought that your lethargic behavior or sickness could actually be due to the placement of your bed. It's just a bed, you would think. Well, it's not just a bed! It either boosts or kills the whole energy vibe in your room.

Science says our body goes through necessary rejuvenation and repair during our sleep. If we do not have a restful sleep, our body cells cannot repair properly and fail to get rid of toxins. With your bed under a window, it maximizes natural airflow to your head and body, which will affect your health.

So if you're constantly waking up feeling exhausted or battling frequent illnesses, it might be time to move your bed.

But let's first understand the best place for your bed.

Where Should the Bed be Placed for Maximum Chi Energy?

We all know the ancient art of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your home by harnessing the energy of the Chi or life force. 

In Feng Shui, we stress the importance of sleeping as though there’s a mountain at your back, shielding you from harm and containing your precious, personal Chi energy.

A bed that “must be placed” under a window is a dilemma faced with unfortunate frequency by my clients, so I thought it was time to share the Feng Shui solutions with you, my readers.

When the head of your bed is against a window, you must take special precautions to prevent your Chi energy from flying away at night.

The Feng Shui experts recommend

  • The bed should be in a command position, where you can see the door but not be in line with it. (You don't want anyone to have a full view of your bed while you relax in an awkward position.) This placement gives you a sense of safety and privacy while also alerting you to potential threats.
  • The bed should also be far from windows, as Chi energy can quickly dissipate by too much exposure to direct sunlight.

What if you can't place your bed against wall and there's no choice other than setting it underneath a window? Well, you can't just move out of the house, but you surely can use some tips to help yourself from falling prey to the adverse effects.

4 Tips for Feng Shui Bed Under the Window

Many Feng Shui followers might ask you to completely seal the window if there's no other place for your sweet little bed. But, it is good only if you have at least one more window. Otherwise, you don't want to give your life away by following Feng Shui while blocking the only ventilation channel in the room.

So, sealing the window is entirely out of the question for some rooms!

So what should we do about the Feng Shui rules? Well, the experts haven't left you all alone while you battle with this problem. They have a few easy-to-follow tips if you have no option other than a window!

1.   Get a Strong, Solid Headboard for Your Bed.

If you can't move the bed, change the look of it! And it is easier than the former.

We know mixing beds and windows is unsuitable for our body's Chi energy. Feng-Shui-friendly headboard creates the mountainlike feel you need for a healthy night’s sleep, containing your Chi energy and literally providing a barrier against any negativity that may flow in from outdoors. Remember, you can't just one day buy any headboard for such a purpose. You need to be specific!

A few things that matter for this selection are:

  • The headboard should be tall and sturdy.
  • You cannot select a headboard made up of meta.
  • It should not be designed or divided into portions, patterns, or shapes.
  • It should not have holes or openings.
  • There shouldn't be any storage boxes or bookcases on your headboard.

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2.   Use Blinds or Shades for Your Window.

At night, uncovered windows might make you remember all those horror movies you have watched. Also, it reveals the dark outdoors and gives a sneak peek into your room to your creepy neighbors and sneaky passersby. To avoid this, using blinds or shades is your best bet! 

The black expanse of uncovered windows at night creates an imbalance of Yin energy. Balance the room and prevent your Chi energy from flying out the window with a good set of shades.

Window treatments, such as drapes or curtains, provide energetic support and serve as a security reinforcement layer. Now you can enjoy a peaceful nighty night's sleep.

3.   Make Sure Your Curtains are Thick and Easy to Open and Close.

The curtains add a soft, dense warmth layer, setting the stage for safe and relaxed sleeping. We use curtains on windows to feel warm, secure, and relaxed.

Curtains that are too thin to block anything or are hard to open and close destroy this idea. Imagine yourself waking up fighting your curtain to open or close it.

Sounds like a nightmare?

For optimal comfort, we suggest incorporating a thick shade paired with a gauze curtain that is easy to operate. This combination not only ensures your convenience but also creates a cozy ambiance. To elevate your sleep experience, consider incorporating Neon Signs Custom ; they enhance the overall atmosphere of your bedroom, even when the curtains are drawn.

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4.   Secure Your Window.

Securing your window sounds like you are on some coveted mission but surprise! It is actually related to your security and privacy.

One reason behind considering a bed under the window a bad practice is the security risks associated with this placement. You are more likely to be vulnerable to the world outside your window. Both your security and privacy are compromised.

To avoid this, you can use security devices, such as alarms and locks, to ensure your security is not at stake. Using cool trinkets, windchimes, and planters also helps balance the flow of chi energy.

You should try the above-mentioned Feng Shui remedies in a room where a window is the only option to place a bed under. This way, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep and avoid the imbalance of Chi energy flow. These tips are also helpful to ensure your security, physical health, and also stability in your relationships.

Nighty-night 🙂 Here’s to good Chi as you sleep!

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