Five Best Feng Shui Tips For Websites

As you may know, I just re-launched the Open Spaces Feng Shui website with a fresh new look and updated branding. 

My design team and I worked together to design the site with as much good Feng Shui as possible, which in turn communicates as quickly as possible what the site is all about, attracting high-quality visitors (like you!) and investing the site with the power of Intention. 

Here are five Feng Shui factors I took into consideration as my design team and I built the site. 

If you’re considering building a site yourself, keep these design aspects in mind to give it the best Feng Shui.

1. Give your site good Chi Energy flow

  • Click-through buttons and clear links to relevant pages contribute vitality and positive energy to a website.
  • Take a look around my new website and let me know how “involved” you feel as you explore it 😉

2. Make your Intention clear.

  • What is your website all about?  What is its Primary Purpose? Just as you define every room in your home,  it needs to be very obvious what action you wish people to take when they’re on your site. 
  • One of the new features on the Open Spaces Feng Shui website is a set of “widgets” on the right-hand side of every page that give visitors an easy opportunity to find what they are looking for.

3. Integrate the Five Elements

  • Feng Shui’s Five Elements can be integrated through color, shape and visuals on your site.  Each visitor responds to their own special element, so you want to make sure you provide a bit of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water on every page to spark interest and involvement!
  • One of the first things we created for my new site was a new business logo, which appears on every page.  It integrates all of the Five Elements and much, much more.  Here’s an article about the creation of the new Open Spaces Feng Shui logo.

4. Impart a sense of openness 

  • Have you ever felt nervous or anxious on websites that are crowded and busy? Open space reduces stress while communicating a sense of relaxed energy to your website.
  • On the new site we made a special effort to give it an open and airy feel, to help visitors feel relaxed, as if they’re already in a space that has good Feng Shui. (btw, perhaps now you’ve figured out how I came to call my business Open Spaces Feng Shui ;))

5. Create “ease of use” for visitors to your site

  • Intuition is key to a successful website. Is there a clear path for visitors to follow, that helps them find what they need?  Like a clear path for Chi energy in your home, give your site an easy, natural feeling of flow.
  • The design team for my new site created “widgets” for the right hand column of every page, making it as easy as one click to find the links visitors check in with most frequently. You’ll find examples of the widgets on the Home Feng Shui Consultations page, for example.

Do you agree with these points?  What other Feng Shui factors contribute to a successful website? 

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