Five Good Reasons To Remove the TV From Your Bedroom

Perhaps you’ve heard that according to Feng Shui, a television does not belong in your bedroom. 

“Why not?”, you (or your significant other) may well be asking.

There are at least five ways that having a TV in your bedroom creates bad Feng Shui, with a corresponding negative affect on your life, your relationships, and your health.

  • A TV that’s Off, begs to be turned On. There’s almost a feeling of emptiness and suspense in the air until the television’s need to be On has been satisfied.
  • When the TV is on,  your relationship suffers.  Activity on the screen acts as a social distraction, preventing you from making an intimate connection — or even having a conversation — with your partner.
  • A TV opposite the bed acts as a mirror, reflecting your energy right back at you.
  • A television creates Yang energy in a room that needs to be Yin.  Its hard surface echoes light and noise, its sharp corners reduce the soft feeling in the room.
  • Even when you’re not watching it, a TV is always On.   The blinking red lights and glowing green ones disturb your rest and send harmful EMFs at you all through the night as you sleep.

The gorgeous bedroom in the photo above illustrates these points perfectly. Its beauty and serenity are completely ruined by the huge black rectangle facing the bed, don’t you agree?

For best Feng Shui results, eliminate your TV from your bedroom. 

If that solution feels too much like cold turkey, cover up the television whenever you’re not watching it to eliminate at least a few of the problems it creates for your life and health. 

As you get used to not having it in front of you all the time, it becomes easier to imagine not having it in the room at all.

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