Feng Shui Warning: Why You Must Remove the TV in Your Bedroom?

You might have a lot of reasons why you prefer having a television inside your bedroom. Aside from being able to watch a movie in the comfort of your bed, you probably thought it is a good tool for you and your partner to bond. However, after reading this article, you might have a change of heart. Despite the countless reasons why you have a TV in your bedroom, the harmful effects it brings to you are quite inevitable. Thus, it is crucial for you to know why you have to get rid of your bedroom TV, for good!

Why You Should Remove It?

Reason #1- Compulsive Viewing

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Have you ever experienced turning on your TV even though you don’t watch it? You might be on your phone, or you might be cooking, but for some reason, you just have the compulsive urge to turn it on. If this is the case, then having it inside your bedroom worsens that compulsion. It’s irresistible! Having your TV turned on for extra hours will vastly increase your electricity bills. In conclusion, it’s better to keep it away.

Keeping it away helps to minimize the irresistible act of turning it on and could help you save tons of electricity consumption. This reason is light and not so serious, but it is undeniably true. No more complaints about your expensive bills.

Additionally, it makes you more inclined to advertisements. Being so, you may purchase things that are not necessary but rather an irrelevant addition to your bills.

Reason #2- Romance Killer

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Believe me or not, keeping a television inside your and your spouse’s bedroom do more harm than good to your relationship. Yes, both of you can bond together watching television. However, watching TV is addicting and can become a daily habit. The spontaneous TV-watching activity kills the interaction between you and your lover. 

Both of you might not notice your relationship falling apart yet because the intimate connection between the two of you dies down rather slowly and timely than instantaneously. So, if you feel you are lonely and unsatisfied despite sleeping with your partner every night, then the TV might be the culprit. It is better to lose the television inside your bedroom that to lose your partner.

Feng Shui practices do not allow a TV inside the bedroom because it is believed to be an invitation to a third party. This habit is generally regarded as an open summoning for infidelity. The reason behind this is that the reflection doubles the energy and luck of the couple sleeping in the bed. One of those luck doubled is love.

Sacrificing your television might instantly improve the intimacy between you and your spouse, and eventually, save your marriage. You might then think that it was a good riddance after all!

Reason #3- Acts as a Mirror

You probably already heard or read that having a mirror in your bedroom is a big no-no according to feng shui. Televisions are also not encouraged in your bedroom for the same reasons why mirrors are not allowed. Television is a reflective material where you can see a distorted reflection of yourself.

It is said that having a mirror or any reflective material like a television directly facing you while sleeping is distractive. You may suddenly be awoken in the middle of the night, startled by your own reflection. 

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Others call this an astral projection where the soul steps out of the body during sleep. The reflection of yourself from the reflective item might startle the soul and in turn, can physically harm you. 

Thus, getting rid of your bedroom’s TV can be good for your sleep. If you ever notice a problem regarding your sleeping habits then you might want to reconsider keeping that TV. 

Reason #4- Yang Energy

Yang energy is a bright and positive kind of energy. This energy helps you get motivated thus when you are near this energy, you will never feel low. Given the circumstances, it is not very good energy to be dominant in your bedroom. Your bedroom is considered a yin space wherein it is quiet, relaxing, and cozy. As a consequence, you might want to get rid of those items that release an enormous amount of yang energy, and that includes televisions.

Reason #5- Harmful EMFs

The television is always turned on even if you did not actually turn it on. The blinking red or green lights are always there and admittedly, they are kind of annoying. Even though your TV is turned off, it still emits EMF (electromagnetic field) and might affect your sleep quality

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The electrical field it produces can eventually wear out your immune system especially when the TV has excessive use and has close proximity.

This reason is good enough for you to be discouraged from placing your television inside the bedroom. You can place it in the area where it should be—the living room.

What Ifs

So, what if removing a television from your bedroom is impossible or would leave an empty space with wall damage due to screws. Here are a few things you may try:

Artworks and Portraits

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If you feel like removing your television will leave an ugly space in your bedroom then I suggest you place beautiful artwork or portraits in that space. You may check out following amazon page for artworks and portraits and many other good replacements for your television.

Cover it!

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When it is impossible to remove the TV inside your bedroom then find ways to cover it. You may try to purchase blinds with a remote or you may try and build a cabinet around your TV. There are a lot more ways to keep your television out of sight when you sleep; be creative!


The effects your television brings when placed inside your bedroom range from simple extra spending to severe health complications. It is indeed entertaining to have a TV in your bedroom but if this imposes some dangerous exposures then it is time to lose it. Your bedroom must be the place where you relax after a tiring day. The television’s noise, light, and echoes forbid you to have a clear state of mind. Contrary to modern belief, it is bad feng shui for you and your partner. At the end of the day, it is you who can decide whether you want to get rid of that TV or not. But it is best to bear in mind the magnitude of unlikely effects it might bring to you!

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