The Feng Shui Guide for Your Hanging Door Bells and Chimes

The hanging door bells you see in some household serves a deeper purpose than being a simple home decoration. It is a very small item you can have in your house but can also literally save your life. Even Feng Shui practitioners have always indicated the importance of having a ‘command position’ in your home at all times. It is a given fact that aside from our home’s comfort, we also want it to be secure. However, despite having locks on your doors, there are still chances where you forget to lock them. That is why hanging bells or chimes on your door is helpful since it will assist you to become aware of anybody who goes inside your house with its sound. 

Using bells and chimes on your front door is especially encouraged if you are living all alone. It gives you the command position that your house layout cannot provide. But aside from all of this, feng shui sees hanging bells as more than a tool for security measures. They go as far as attracting good energy for your home. That is why it is also critical to choose the right bells for the right intentions. All of these feng shui bells will surely help you with command position but they also have varying purposes in terms of attracting energy. Furthermore, you also have to be wary of where to place these bells for maximum effectiveness.

Before you get overwhelmed by all of these ‘musts’, let me comfort you by saying: “I will tell you all about it, so you won’t have to read 10 more articles”. So, with that being said, I am presenting you the feng shui guide for your hanging door bells.

Which Feng Shui Bells is Right for You?

According to feng shui, we must align all our practices with our intentions. The same rule applies to selecting your feng shui bells or chimes. You are probably not aware of this, but these bells can attract luck, wealth, or good health depending on which kind of bell you use. Prepare your intentions and see through this list of bells you may want to have in your home.

Metallic Gong Bells

These kinds of bells are claimed to ward off the evil spirits inside your home and replace them with happiness and prosperity. These bells are generally heavy thus if you are going to select this one, make sure you have a durable area to place this bell. Since it is heavy, try placing it away from the entryway but in a way that it would still make a sound when opening the door. The reason is that it may fall off your head and considering the weight, it can probably cause serious injuries. Do the pulley trick instead and tie a rope linking the door knobs to your bells and it will work just the same!

In addition, using gong-styled bells is also good for your career and business. You can use this kind of bell in your home office door to enhance the energy there.

Mystic Knot Feng Shui Bells

If your intentions involve unending luck, you may want to get your hands on bells with mystic knots. The mystic knot is a representation of infinity. Thus, whatever good energies your bells attract will be there forever. This kind of bell will ensure you that luck is always with you and your home. This kind of bell is also perfect as a housewarming gift for your friends. This bell looks simple but elegant with its gold accent topped with a red knot.

Money Frog Bells

The money frog is often used as home decor to attract wealth. The good news is we also have it in bells! This well-known Chinese symbol is used as an adjustment of your home’s feng shui energies. It is a three-legged toad on top of a bed of coins and one in its mouth. However, always make sure that you clean these kinds of bells regularly because clouds of dust should not accumulate in this symbol. If this happens, instead of attracting wealth, you will attract the opposite. 

Lotus Feng Shui Bells

In order to have a comfortable stay in your home, you need a peaceful atmosphere wherein everybody in your house understands each other. Bells with a lotus symbol attract an energy that calms people. Your family won’t get into disagreements and will avoid chaotic arguments. Every time the bell rings, negative energies will be cleared immediately. 

Where to Place Your Bells?

There are a couple of areas where you can hang your door bells or chimes in your home. This will depend on how you want it to work. You cannot just hang it anywhere and expect it to work. Remember that these items help with the flow of energy thus you must place them in an area where they could actually do their function. Here are some of the areas you can place your bells:

Main Entry Door

As a way to create a command position, it is best to place bells on your entry door. It is also believed that placing bells (especially those that attract luck) in your main entrance door rings for the universe to hear. Whenever this bell rings, good energy from the universe comes in. It is also believed that the more sound it produces, the more energy comes in.

Areas With Stagnant Energies

The sound of the feng shui bells attracts good energy. These energies in turn break up the stagnant ones in your home. Thus, to cure the areas which have dominant stagnant energy place bells and lighten up the mood. Do you have this kind of area in your home? That area where every time you stay there, you suddenly feel unmotivated and tired. Place bells there and see for yourself how much it could change the room’s energy.


If your entry door has stairs near it, then you should be alarmed. This allows the energy to flow in and out of your house very quickly and could result in financial loss and burden. To remedy this issue, place a bell in the middle of your entry door and the foot of your staircase. It is also recommended to have the mystic knot bell for this kind of house layout as it will help the energy to remain inside your home.

In A Nutshell

Who would have thought that a tiny item such as a bell could do a lot for us? Not to mention that it helps us to stay alert from others trespassing on our home, it can also magnet the energies that are lacking from our home. Now that you know the different bells and the things they can do for you, I bet you already have one in mind. You can also check our shop for other items that can bring your intentions to reality!

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