Front Door Feng Shui: Using Bells For Safety!

Did you know that one of Feng Shui’s most important functions is to ensure your safety?

Concepts like the Command Position are all about making sure that you feel as secure and in control of your environment as possible.

The front door is the most important spot to feel secure about, yet we are often in a position where we cannot see who may be coming and going.

To alert you to the action at your front door, good Feng Shui recommends hanging a bell or bells there.

Here are the bells I’ve hung on my front door: a string of “jingle bells” left over from the holidays a few years ago.

I love them because I know exactly what is happening every time anyone enters or leaves my apartment, and they’re a wonderfully welcoming sound when I come home myself.

Shopkeepers have been doing this for centuries to alert them when anyone enters their stores. In fact a small shopkeeper’s bell might be just the thing for your own front door.

So find yourself a bell that makes a nice sound, and make sure it rings clearly every time your door is opened or closed.

You’ll discover a new feeling of safety that helps you relax and enjoy your space more than ever before.

Do you have other tips for making sure your front door is secure? Please share them in the Comments!

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