Good Feng Shui: How Do You Feel About Silk Plants?

In Feng Shui we’re always striving to balance the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Each element symbolizes important parts of our lives — the Wood element is all about New Beginnings and Family: vitality, growth, deep roots, our DNA.

The easiest way to anchor Wood is with healthy live plants, but if you have low light conditions or a “brown thumb,” silk flowers and plants are a good substitute.

There are a lot of absolutely gorgeous silk arrangements out there, and I use them quite a bit in my own home.

But I’ve been surprised to discover that a lot of people who can’t have live plants absolutely HATE silk flowers! (Why? I’m not exactly sure. If you hate silk flowers, please let me know why you feel that way ;))

What to do??

If you can’t grow live plants and won’t use silk flowers, here are a few other ways to add the vitality of Wood to your space.

  • Vertical stripes: in upholstery & cushions, wall decor, curtains and more.
  • Green items of any kind.
  • Botanical prints.
  • Tall, columnar shapes: floor lamps are just one example.
  • Things made of wood that look like wood!

Is the Wood element present in your space?  Do you like the way it looks and feels?  Please let me know.

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