How Did Feng Shui Get Its Start?

Feng Shui’s fascinating history began when the ancient Chinese were looking for the best places to bury their dead.

They selected places where they hoped their ancestors would be happy for eternity.

These ideal locations were on gentle slopes with a protective hill or mountain behind them, low hills to the sides, a magnificent view to the sunny south and a nearby water source.

Each of the four directions took the name of a symbolic being: the Black Tortoise protecting them to the north, a Tiger and Dragon guarding the east and west, and the Phoenix rising in the South.

View from a Feng Shui mountainside
The view from a Feng Shui mountainside.

It wasn’t long before people realized that this land configuration — what came to be called the Command (or Power) Position, was also best for successful agriculture.

A thriving farm meant a happy, healthy family, a successful business, and the security of knowing that the future would be bright.

The newly named art of Feng Shui, meaning Wind & Water, started to be used to locate farms to ensure health and prosperity for their owners.

Soon the principles that created successful farms started to be used to locate homes and businesses, and to create good Chi flow within and without them.

It was and still is used to design environments from villages to major cities like Hong Kong — all based on these ancient principles of Command and flow.

Do you have a wonderful flow of “Wind & Water” in your home or office that helps you feel nourished, safe and comfortable?

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