How to Balance Wood Furniture in Your Home According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about flow, and making sure that flow is correct. For those wondering how wooden furniture plays into that, it’s helpful to understand how Feng Shui can help you properly place that furniture. It’s not just about flow, of course, but also making the most of your space. It also helps to understand Feng Shui, of course.

Feng Shui basics

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging furniture and buildings in a way that achieves harmony and balance with nature. The idea is to bring prosperity and peace through proper arrangement of furniture.

Doing this with wood furniture makes a lot of sense, since the pieces are made from nature. So achieving proper Feng Shui with them is easy enough as long as you know what you’re doing.

Do your research

While understanding the basics is helpful, more detailed research is always a good idea. This is not just into Feng Shui itself, but also how to properly use that information to your advantage. Feng Shui is about optimal organization and layout, and to understand that you need to make use of Feng Shui practices and maps.

These are readily available, of course, so finding the perfect place to put your Amish-made wood desk will be easy enough once you know what you’re doing. Studying how to properly lay out your rooms in accordance with Feng Shui will ensure the proper placement and flow of your rooms.

Energies matter

Part of Feng Shui is energies and channeling them for the desired effects. Wooden furniture embodies vitality, kindness, and growth. The use of wooden furniture will thus bolster these energies according to Feng Shui.

To add more energy with wood, you have options besides just more wooden furniture. Colors and accessories can help a lot. For example, green blue, and teal colors work well for bolstering wood elements and energies.

House plants are a natural way to bolster wood elements as well. Since wood was once alive and helps improve vitality and growth, it makes sense that living plants would assist with those sorts of elements.

Accessories make a difference too

Accessories can also help enhance Feng Shui’s elements and energies. Wood element is favored by column-like shapes, since they resemble the trunk of a tree. That said, when it comes to accessories to go with wood, you can be pretty flexible, which is a handy trait of the wood element.

For example, a mirror with solid wood frame can make for a great wood element that has a modern touch, as long as it’s properly placed. With any accessory or addition, it pays to understand how those items interact with Feng Shui and to thus plan accordingly.

Don’t ignore the other elements

While wood furniture naturally aligns with the wood element, it can also compliment or contrast other elements, making it handy for accessorizing and decorating. Generally, wood goes along well with fire and water. Considering wood needs water to survive and is burned as fuel, this triangle of growth, death, and rebirth as furniture can make for some very interesting design options.

As for contrast, wood does not get along well with metal or earth, so make sure to take that into account when planning your design layout. Also consider this contrast when purchasing furniture. A piece with green upholstery bolsters the wood element, while wooden furniture with metal parts clashes and weakens both.

As previously mentioned, wood and mirrors go together rather well, because mirrors are part of the water element. This is why understanding how different pieces interact with the rules of Feng Shui is so important.

Shapes also matter

Feng shui isn’t just about materials, but also placement. Wood furniture favors U shapes and cylinder-like styles, which can be tricky in limited spaces. Accentuating your wooden pieces with other complimentary objects can help fill in the gaps of shaping for better energy flow.

Just remember not to create clashing energy flows either. A U-shape can help foster communication, but you don’t want chairs facing each other directly, as that can lead to discord during such interactions. Again, knowing the ins and outs of Feng Shui will help a lot in properly selecting and arranging your wooden furniture.

It also helps to place chairs against a wall facing a door, or, failing that, in the presence of a mirror that can reflect the door.

The various nuances of Feng Shui may seem daunting, but with research and planning, you can find the perfect place for all your wooden furniture. Whether you all ready have a set or are looking to purchase pieces for a new home, knowing where to put everything, how to accessorize, and proper layout will ensure that everything agrees, compliments, and flows as it should.

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