How to Create a Serene Outdoor Haven: Applying Feng Shui Principles to Your Garden

With summer temperatures regularly exceeding record highs this year, there is no excuse to get outdoors into your garden and enjoy everything nature has to offer. However, what can you do if your yard is somewhat lackluster, creating an unpleasant atmosphere and consequently making you less prone to want to spend time in it? Luckily, the millennia-old Chinese practice of Feng Shui could be your saving grace. Feng Shui is the art of arranging your things so that you allow natural energy to flow freely around, and its adherents claim to feel reenergized and more at peace when they follow some of its basic tenets. While this post won't explore the complete ins and outs of this ancient practice, it will suggest a few ways you can Feng Shui up your garden to turn it into a sanctuary of positive vibes.

Add A Calming Water Element Or Swimming Pool

Water has long been considered a crucial aspect of Feng Shui due to the natural flow it creates. It enables the energies of the world to pass without hindrance. This free passing of energy is vital to create an atmosphere of serenity that you will feel almost immediately as you walk outside. You can choose any feature you believe will provide the right amount of utility and pleasure. For instance, you could opt for a small fountain that creates the sound of an eternal trickle of water, or you could go full-on and construct a swimming pool. The former is the most affordable choice, but the latter will provide you with so much more and serve as a place of relaxation, exercise, and social interaction. However, if you opt for the swimming pool, you must get to grips with the proper methods for keeping it clean and invest in the right chemicals designed for removing disgusting pool stains that could dramatically reduce the positive energy it should create. Whatever water feature you choose, you will benefit massively from the newfound sense of peace and tranquility it provides.

Embrace The Power Of Light

In Feng Shui, light is a powerful force that can influence the energy flow in your garden. Sunlight is vital for encouraging plant growth and vitality; hence, locate your garden where sunlight is abundant. Think about incorporating delicate lighting elements such as lanterns or fairy lights for a soothing evening aura. This fosters tranquility and harmonizes yin and yang energies within your garden space. Utilize light tactically to accentuate essential features like an enchanting tree or a peaceful water feature in your landscape design. Intelligent use of lighting also serves another purpose, namely that you can use your yard when the sun falls and you want to enjoy the healing energy of the moon.

Introduce A Meditative Space

In many ways, Feng Shui is what could be considered a meditative process in which you are harnessing the powerful energies of the earth to help reinvigorate your soul. Therefore, if you have ample enough space, you ought to think about adding a sanctuary that you can use to escape to when the weight of the world becomes overbearing or you simply want to breathe in the surrounding energies. Something like a gazebo can work wonders as it keeps you safe from the elements while allowing energy to pass through freely.

Utilize Soft Curves Rather Than Harsh Corners

Feng Shui teaches us that the forces of the world need to freely maneuver if we want to reap the benefits these energies provide. One surefire way to stop them dead in their tracks is by implementing harsh corners that change the flow from clear and unrestricted to abrupt and chaotic. While it might be necessary to have some corners, you should make an effort to incorporate softer turns that prevent bottlenecks.

Plan Around The Natural Elements (Not The Other Way Around)

Incorporating Feng Shui flora can enhance the positivity of your outdoor space. You have ample options for cultivating such plants in home gardens, and some top choices include:

  • Areca palm
  • Jade plant
  • Bamboo
  • Peonies
  • Dogwood trees

However, it's wise to steer clear from spiky or sharp-edged flora as they disrupt the fluidity encouraged by Feng shui principles. Instead, opt for softer lines to maintain a harmonious energy flow throughout your green sanctuary.

Consider The Flow From Your Door Into The Space

As you have probably gathered by now, Feng Shui places a considerable emphasis on energy flow. Therefore, to feel the immediate impact of this phenomenon, you should think carefully about the way you will leave the inside of your home to the natural environment outside. You can follow the advice of avoiding sharp curves, as mentioned earlier, and try to make the entrance to your garden as clutter-free as possible.

Although some may scoff at the idea of "energies" and "flow," almost everyone who has made some effort has gushed at the advantages even the most minor effort can make. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by following the advice here, so why not get out there in the sunshine and get your garden in shape?

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