How to Create Harmonious Spaces on a Budget: A Guide to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that encouraged harmony and balance. You can borrow some of the ideas from this royal practice and blend them within your home to bring harmony into the space. The design of your home overall contributes to your happiness and relaxation. Leveraging Feng Shui practices will ensure you create a balance between you and your environment. Here’s how you can Feng Shui your home on a budget.

Furniture and Décor Placement

One of Feng Shui’s unique methods of creating a harmonious home is by placing the furniture and décor. The living room is a place of conversation and socialization. As you explore the kind of furniture and décor that will balance the atmosphere of your home, consider signing up on major sale platforms and receive deal alerts on unique and authentic items to create a comfortable living area when you have a tight budget. Be sure to place unique and comfortable chairs and sofas in a formation that encourages interactions. Furniture placement is not only prioritized in the living area but in the bedrooms too. When you want to unwind from a long day, the bedroom is your end spot. Therefore you should consider positioning your bed in a place that allows the free flow of energy, which will help you have quality sleep. Now that your furniture is in position, consider various decorations that will enhance the beauty of your living area and bedroom. Use simple and natural enhancements that accommodate energy flow. You could use mirrors to reflect natural lighting into the house. In your bedroom, you may add flowers to give you that peace of mind and a more natural feel. Flowers are just therapeutic.  


A cluttered home impedes energy flow in your home. You must ensure the chi in your home is alive and fast enough to curb feelings of depression, tiredness, claustrophobia, and lack of motivation. You want to create harmony in your home with a very low budget; therefore, consider organizing solutions that minimize clutter on your doorways, living area, bedrooms, kitchen, and others. People have often formed emotional connections with the items they purchase, thus making it difficult to declutter their homes completely. Have a strategic plan to declutter. You donate, discard or store the excess valuables in a rented storage unit. A decluttered home means a decluttered mind. The energy flow should give you freshness to relax from long working days.

Incorporate Color Harmony

You can create a harmonious living space by painting your home in symbolic colors known to bring some form of calmness to a human. They are not just for aesthetics. Colors are known to evoke various energies and emotions. According to Feng Shui’s beliefs, green represents the wood element which symbolizes balance, vitality, and growth, while red ignites strong feelings of passion, energy, and creativity. The light blue color represents the water element associated with relaxation and spirituality. Be sure to blend in the colors with rooms they are likely to align with the most. For instance, the relaxation colors would blend in with the bedroom because your mind and brain sleep when calm in the space. Harmoniously combine colors to avoid overwhelming one room with an excess of one color. Feng Shui understands the psychology of colors in creating a comfortable living environment on a budget.

Go Natural

Adding a natural feel to your home is essential because you promote well-being, vitality, and positivism. Natural features give the home a more sanctuary feeling. You can bring nature into your home; through natural lighting, greener houseplants, an aquarium, or a fish bowl. You can add natural light through the roof, mirrors to reflect light in the house, statement windows, and lighter curtains. You may also invest in simple house plants and flowers that purify the air or a fish aquarium to bring the cool ocean feel into your living area. Remember that we are decorating the home on a budget; therefore, if a fish aquarium sounds too much, you may choose alternative options, such as the fish bowls. Nature is Feng Shui’s major component. You can also integrate nature into the outdoors by planting a simple garden. 

Add Meaningful Artwork

Art is a form of reflection and expression of certain elements of a person or a situation. Some pieces of art are meaningless and lack uniqueness, which is not a characteristic of Feng Shui practices. Therefore, ensure the pieces of art you add to your home carry meaning such that you can explain every bit of color or imagery in the art. Art can evoke both positive and negative emotions. They carry the power of expression. Therefore, if your piece of art carries some negative emotions, ensure it is something you hold dear, but the emotions no longer define you, for instance, the loss of a loved one. But generally, go for pieces that evoke positivism because that reflects your personality. 

Feng Shui was and is still a powerful practice integrated into the modern world. In a world full of chaos, let your home be a sanctuary and a relaxing place. You can achieve this by creating harmony and retaining it. If your budget is tight, there are strategies you could use, as mentioned above, and create comfort for your home.

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