How to Enhance Your Fence with Feng Shui Principles

Fences are often an afterthought in home and yard design; merely something to keep others out and contain what's yours. However, as any individual with feng shui knowledge knows, fences play an important role in balancing the flow of positive energy around your property. 

What is ⁣Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that believes that everything in the environment, including how buildings and spaces are arranged, can have an impact on the flow of energy (chi) and consequently, your health, well-being, and luck. The basic principles of feng shui involve balancing the energies (yin and yang) in a space to allow chi to flow smoothly and undisturbed.

General Feng Shui Tips for Your Fence

Here are some considerations:

     1. Material and Design Considerations

The fence’s material affects the place’s energy. So choose materials that match your desired energy goals. For instance, wood fences encourage growth while metal fences provide strength and efficiency. 

Additionally, a fence should not be taller than the house as that can cause an imbalance and direct negative chi inside. Be wary of sharp pointed fence designs directed in or out. These can create unpleasant energies.

     2. Creating Balance and​ Symmetry

For fences in Feng Shui, balance and symmetry are key.  Without any borders, a home's energy (qi) can't be contained. Similarly, too much qi circulation also poses issues. Fences help regulate this flow of surrounding energy. When designing and placing outdoor fence elements like gates and pillars, it is best to do so in a symmetrical and balanced way. This creates a harmonious flow of energy in the environment.

     3. Color Choice

The paint color you pick for your fence can subtly change the atmosphere of your backyard. Brighter, warmer shades like red and orange tend to spark feelings of warmth and passion. While softer, cooler colors like blue and green typically provide a more calming, laid-back vibe.

Feng Shui Tips Tailored for Specific Fencing Materials

You may be struggling to choose between vinyl vs wood fence. Each kind of fence has its own features that can be enhanced to improve the energy flow. Here are a few suggestions:

Wood fences make spaces feel warm and inviting. Paint or stain them in earthy colors like brown and green. This helps people feel calm and grounded. You can also let vines and plants grow on the fence. 

Vinyl fencing is a pretty durable choice that keeps things simple visually. If you go with vinyl, lighter colors like white or light beige tend to create spaciousness expansive‌ energy. Be sure to include some colorful flowers or potted plants near your fence to infuse the area with vibrancy and life.  

Metal fencing also offers neat, modern styles. For metal, lighter metallic shades like silver or white give off an elegant yet minimalist vibe. And instead of a flat metal surface, you could also include some decorative ironwork to enhance the visual appeal.


In short, think of your fence as more than just something that marks where your yard ends. A fence can also be used to encourage positive energy around your property. Whether you want a relaxing backyard, a great place for gatherings, or to help plants and grass thrive, little changes to your fence can help. 

Even small things like painting it a bright color or letting vines grow on it can make it look nicer and feel more welcoming. Your fence shouldn't be ignored; take a look and see if adding some easy feng shui elements might improve the good feelings and good times you have outside. 

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