Is A “Floating Bed” Good Feng Shui?

One of my clients has been redecorating her small studio apartment which has a long, narrow layout and a window at the end of the room.

In order to balance the room and create extra seating she’d like to “float” her bed in the center of the far end of the room.

She asked me if her floating bed has good Feng Shui.

Ideally, your bed has a solid headboard and always backs up to a wall, to create the feeling of safety and security like that at the foot of a strong mountain.

So while a floating bed is not ideal for my client because she won’t have the Mountain at her back, she plans to add a headboard and footboard to her bed to anchor herself and add the important dimension of security.

I also advised her to hang a small set of bells on the front door of her apartment, giving herself one more layer of safety.

She already has wonderful window coverings which contain and re-circulate Chi energy at night, so the window near the bed is not one of my worries as her Feng Shui consultant.

What other Feng Shui advice might you have for my client?

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