Feng Shui Remedy for Your Floating Bed

Feng shui practice places a high emphasis on the importance of keeping our bedrooms in a good feng shui state. This part of our home should be treated as sacred since it has a very personal connection to each of us and is also the haven of our serenity. We even try to keep this area private and off limits to other people, as this should actually be the case because your bedroom should be your very own safe space in your home where you can freely be in your most fragile state.

Since we value our bedrooms so much, we often try our best to make them as comfortable and beautiful as they can be. With all this in mind, we make it a practice to follow new trends in decorating and arranging our bedrooms. One of those trends includes positioning your bed in the middle of your room so as to have a "floating bed" This method of placing the bed in the middle of the room away from the walls is usually done by people with multi-purpose bedrooms. It allows them to have plenty of space to have a work space, wardrobe space, lounge space, and even workout space. Some other people make their beds float in the middle of the room just because they think it looks better to be placed in the center.

Now, the question is: is a floating bed good feng shui? Or does it cause a feng shui problem that needs resolution?

Floating Beds Are Feng Shui No-Nos!

Ideally, your bed should always be placed against a wall like in the picture above. This is because the wall will provide you with some sort of support while you are vulnerably sleeping on your bed. The wall acts like a mountain that gives off a kind of energy that helps you feel secure and protected. On the other hand, making your bed float in the middle of your room instead of putting it against a wall will possibly result in anxiety, which could lead to restlessness and an inability to sleep. All of these things are the result of the sensation of being very delicate and defenseless.

As much as possible, avoid placing your bed in a floating position. It should always be in a corner to allow you to have a command position. This position will allow you to have visible access to the door without being directly in line with it. Therefore, if someone is by the door, you should be able to see that person immediately from your bed, while that person should not be able to notice you. In this scenario, you are the person in command. Thus, if, for example, an intruder is about to enter your room with your bed placed in a command position, you will surely notice him first. This will also help you plan your actions before he even enters the premises.

Although it is always recommended to place your bed against a wall, there are still some things you can do to fix the feng shui issue by keeping your bed in a floating position. Besides, there are also circumstances where it is impossible to have your bed against a wall, like if your walls are shared by a bathroom or other areas with auspicious energy. If these are what’s keeping you from placing your bed against a wall, then try these feng shui remedies instead.

Cure Your Floating Bed with These Feng Shui Tips

1. Add a Solid Headboard and Footboard

To cure your floating bed, you can add a solid headboard and footboard, preferably made of wood. By doing so, you are creating an anchor for your bed that places it firmly on the ground. This trick will help you obtain an energy that provides a feeling of security and stability. With this said, you will be able to sleep more comfortably since you will no longer feel unguarded.

2. Add a Thick Carpet

Adding a thick carpet also helps add support to your bed. It gives your bed grounding. Make sure that your carpet is rectangular. I know it is more artistic to use carpets with irregularly curved shapes, but unfortunately, these shapes are what you should avoid in your bedroom. Wavy or zigzag shapes contain auspicious energy since these are water element shapes. The water elements are known to be very active, making them unsuitable for relaxation and rest. Rectangular shapes, on the other hand, represent the earth element, which is good at providing support and backing. In conclusion, you should choose a rectangular or square shaped carpet if your intention is to cure the lack of support your floating bed gives you.

3. Bring in Earth Elements

Add other earth elements to your bedroom. You can decorate your bedroom with pottery or rock features. You can also use earthy colors such as brown, yellow, or gold in your bed. Another way to incorporate the earth element is to place your bed in the northeast or southwest corner of your bedroom, not necessarily against a wall. It could definitely be away from the wall but still in these directions.

4. Do Not Allow a Coffin Position

Regardless of whether you place your bed in a floating position, never allow it to face directly towards the door. This position is also known as the coffin position. All the remedies I previously mentioned will not work if your bed faces your bedroom door. The coffin position, also known as the dead man’s position, creates tension and a feeling of uneasiness that will disrupt your sleep. If moving your bed in hopes of avoiding the coffin position will not allow you to have visual access to your door, then you may use a mirror to fix this issue. But in all circumstances, avoid having your bed in line with your door.

Final Thoughts

Trying to get your bed in the proper position is indeed a challenge. However, we should never compromise on this challenge, as it holds the fate of our whole being. Remember, our whole being depends on the energy we gain and replenish from relaxation and sleep. Thus, we should always make our best effort to create a calm and comfortable environment to sleep in.


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