Why King-Sized Bed Feng Shui Silently Wrecks Relationship?

Many are concerned about the state of their love lives. If you feel like you and your significant other are losing the spark and affection, it is always wise to trace where it went wrong. Before considering divorce or marriage counseling, try sitting down with your partner and discuss small things you can address to recoup the romantic connection. 

You might be surprised to know that the reason behind the emotional detachment between you and your lover could be as small as having your bed the wrong size! 

According to Marianne Gordon (Certified Feng Shui Consultant) in her article about “Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: Rules For What To Bring In & Keep Out”, there is no other place for rest, romance, and relaxation other than your bedroom. We spend at least 8 hours a day in this sacred space thus we must fully potentialize its feng shui.

Do not be weirded out if you have the urge to take advice like this because a lot of couples did because they feel disconnected from their romantic partner.

The reason? Their king-sized beds. 

So, what does Feng Shui have to do with the size of your bed?

Feng Shui enhances the flow of energy in your spaces through practicing the right placement of things. It is an ancient Asian practice that is still rampantly used up to now. The word feng shui literally translates to wind and water. The practice of feng shui helps people align their energies with their surroundings. Therefore, your home items including your bed is important in determining the flow of energy and connection between you and your couple.

Choosing the right size of your bed is significant since this item is the closest item to you within your home.

Look at the bed above: it almost looks as though three people belong in it!

Try to get rid of that space and initiate changing the size of your bed. The split between you and your partner could signify a split in partnership. Do not let this happen and start to make an action to address this.

It is admittedly comfortable to sleep in a king-sized bed but bigger is not always better. It is much more comfortable to be intimate with your partner in a smaller sized bed than sleeping in a wide bed but not getting the cuddles you long for.

King-sized beds also present Feng Shui difficulties because they are usually supported by two box springs, literally dividing the couple in bed. Basically, this disrupts the connection and harmony that is needed to flow between the two partners.

You may opt for a king-sized bed that consists only of one box spring or platform to make sure that the flow of energy, connection, and harmony between you and your lover is smooth and perpetual. But even if it’s supported by a single box spring or platform, the sheer vastness of a king-sized bed creates less-than-ideal Feng Shui, leading to the question:

Are ALL king beds “bad Feng Shui”?

For most of us, the answer is Yes.

The advantage of having so much space to stretch out can eventually turn into the danger of losing touch with each other. The keyword here is "space". Thus, it does not apply to athletes, for example, because of their body size. 

If you share a king-sized bed with a partner, it’s important that you bring your positive intention into bed. Please do NOT bring any damaging thoughts or intentions with you so your relationship doesn’t suffer. Do not be afraid to be the one to initiate getting intimate with your significant other. A lot of marriages are torn apart by simply refusing to be the first one to make a move. Make it a habit to talk with your partner in bed before sleeping to revive the emotional connection between the two of you. 

Laura Cerrano, a New York-based feng shui consultant said, “[Feng shui] is not just about the physical presentation of the room and the accessories in it. It's important to have an emotional connection that aligns your intentions with your heart, allowing yourself to open up and feel the energy of the room.”

If you and your partner are both very tall and could not replace your king size bed to a smaller one, keep your existing bed. That is after you made sure that it only has one box spring or platform. Proceed by also trying out other feng shui tips that help both of you set out the mood. 

Other Feng Shui Tips for Couples Who Can’t Replace Their King-Sized Bed

Bed Placement

Check if your bed is in the right position. This is considered to be very important in Feng Shui. Your bed arrangement must be in a command position– wherein the bed is in a position where you can see the door but is not placed directly towards it. The bed must also not be positioned next to a window, but against a wall to support it. 

It is important to place your bed in a protected area because your body will be in a “yin” state when you sleep. 

Stimulate Your Home

The southwest corner of your home is considered as the “love area” according to feng shui. If it is not possible to make this corner as your bedroom then simply stimulate the place. You can decorate it with candles, flowers, crystals, or a portrait of lovers (e.g. love ducks).

Unplug Appliances

According to Cerrano, leaving electromagnetic field appliances within your bedroom plugged in during sleep can increase the interference with you and your couple’s circadian rhythm. It is best to avoid forgetting this tip in order to revive the spark between the two of you.


Some couples replaced their king-sized bed with queen-sized bed, forcing them to be in closer contact with one another. If you are able to replace the size of your bed, it is recommended that you do it, unless you're an athlete as described earlier.


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