Journey to the East: Feng Shui Custom Clothing Inspirations

Feng Shui has become a stylish and timeless trend in fashion and lifestyle, so why not customize your clothing items with unique feng shui designs to impress everyone?

According to Feng Shui philosophy, every year has its lucky color, so if you want to be both stylish and lucky, use this year's color in your designs. In 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit, forest green is the color that brings positive energy and prosperity. Because this hue is synonymous with good feelings and positivity, it is a perfect moment to implement this color into your designs and custom clothing items. See here.

Use Feng Shui to Make the Most of Custom Clothes

The same feng shui principles and elements that govern the interior and exterior of your can also be applied to your fashion options. Simply by using feng shui inspirations, you can rest assured that your wardrobe will give you a sensation of well-being. One of the simplest ways to use feng shui as your source of inspiration is to rely on your kua number derived from your gender and birth year. 

When it comes to shapes, colors, and materials, make sure to choose natural colors with warm and earthy tones to get the best out of your Feng Shui wardrobe. You can let yourself be influenced by the Feng shui elements, such as water, earth, wood, metal, and fire. You can choose colors such as baby blue, aqua, black, midnight blue, or cobalt blue for the water element. The earth element includes the whole range of hues for citrus, light yellow, medium brown, or light beige.

Wood colors are probably the best for you to wear, as they can be used for your main clothing items, such as t-shirts, coats, jackets, sweaters, or slacks. The variety of colors includes brown, olive, pale green, tan, beige, lime, and pale green. Metal colors include typical colors associated with metals, such as silver, gold, copper, or brass. 

By utilizing feng shui kua elements, you can both enhance your personal style and attract chi energies into your life. Ultimately, fire colors are the warmest and are considered passionate. These are orange, red, white, gold, pink, russet, and purple.

Why Is Feng Shui Trendy?

Feng shui is established on balance between elements, environment, and energy. This year's lucky color represents the balance between water and earth, believed to bring hope and prosperity. You can use red, pink, and blue with forest green to emanate these feelings and get fantastic fashion looks. 

Applying Feng shui colors and elements in your custom clothing line will create an oasis of positivity and calm, encouraging people to buy your items. Make sure to create a diverse custom clothing collection to stimulate your clients with the most surprising combinations of feng shui fashion and lifestyle. 

The customization possibilities are endless if you use a print-on-demand platform. You can also use various customization techniques, such as embroidery, DTG printing, and all-over printing. All you have to do is upload your design and have your items printed and delivered to your customer's doorsteps. 

To ensure you catch the eyes of all your customers, friends, family, employees, or onlookers, apply feng shui to your custom clothing items for abundant energy flow.

You can also use feng shui to customize accessories or home items. This emphasis on fashion choices will give you an edge in your business efforts, bringing a supportive, good feeling about how you perceive the world. Even Tommy Hilfiger and Emanuel Ungaro are followers of feng shui for their fashion business, so what is stopping you?

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