Moving? Best Feng Shui Housewarming Gift Ideas

Are you or someone you love getting ready to move?

From figuring out finances to getting to know a new neighborhood, moving house can be an extremely stressful life event.

But with the help of Feng Shui this huge transition can go much more smoothly and easily.

Whether you’re moving yourself or giving someone you love a Feng Shui housewarming gift, here are a few ways to bring good Chi energy into the new place, right from the start.

1. Plants. One of the very best Feng Shui gifts for a new home, a robust, healthy plant activates super-appropriate “New Beginnings” energy for making a fresh start.

2. Heavy Objects. If you’re in the mood to give something more substantial, an object such as a heavy glass vase or small sculpture anchors and stabilizes energy during the transition.

3. Candles. Bring the expansive energy of the Fire element into the new home with a set of beautiful candles, using your best judgement about their scent. (I prefer incense to scented candles myself.)

4. A Beautiful Mirror. Every home can use a beautiful mirror. Follow these Feng Shui mirror recommendations when you select your gift!

5. Hanging Crystal For A Sunny Window. Fill the new home with fresh, sparkling Chi, as reflected through a clear round faceted crystal.

6. Dragon Symbols. Dragons bring protective Yang Chi into the home during a move, when focus and energy may be particularly distracted.

7. Windchimes. The Metal energy and lovely sound of a windchime lifts the Chi of a new home. Read more here about using windchimes in Feng Shui.

8. Red Accent Pillow. This is one of my favorite Feng Shui housewarming gifts as it’s not something a new homeowner may think of themselves. Give one with a beautiful dragon symbol on it to double the Chi!

9. A Feng Shui consultation! Some of the most beneficial consultations I’ve conducted recently have been given as gifts. Let me know if you’d like to learn more about this gift option.

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