Picture-Hanging With Feng Shui: The Line Between Heaven & Earth

Are you making this common picture-hanging mistake?


So often in my Feng Shui practice, I enter a room only to feel my energy floating away, up towards the ceiling.

Seeking the cause of this sensation I frequently discover photos and art hung up so high on the walls that I need to direct my gaze up, up and away just to see them.

In the photo above, the pictures are being hung much too close to the ceiling, with the result that Feng Shui’s “Line Between Heaven & Earth” is being lost.

For good Feng Shui this line is important because it defines your anchoring place: safely underneath the canopy of heaven, with your feet planted firmly on the earth below.

The top line of your art and photos creates this line, so you want to place it as correctly as possible.

For the best picture-hanging Feng Shui, when you hang a large-size piece of art (or group of smaller pieces), place it so that its center is at your eye level.

In general this means its center will be between 61-65″ from the floor.  Use a tape measure to be sure, first measuring to your eye level, and then to the center of the art you are hanging.

I’ve worked with several clients in the past few weeks who needed to bring their art downwards by 9″ or more. As soon as we moved the pieces down, the entire room came into focus with a feeling of “rightness” that it previously lacked, making all the difference in the way their homes look and feel.

Chi energy no longer floats towards the ceiling, but remains in the center of the room where it can nourish them best.

Take a look around and make adjustments if you need to, to restore your own home’s Line Between Heaven & Earth.

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