Reduce Your Stress: The Feng Shui Of Mirrors

Why does Feng Shui love the many mirrors in your life?

You look into several each day to check your look.

You catch glimpses of yourself in them in bars and restaurants.

And you’re faced with them in unlikely places like high-rise elevators.

Feng Shui loves mirrors because all of these are ways that mirrors reduce stress in your life.

  • At home, your mirror assures you that you look your best each day.
  • Mirrors stretch the view, helping you breathe deep and fully enjoy the company of friends when your out at a bar or restaurant.
  • A beautiful mirror adds an air of sophistication, ease and mystery to any space.
  • A mirror’s reflected light creates an atmosphere that’s generous and convivial, warm and sparkling.

The most interesting spaces for mirrors may be small enclosed spaces like elevators. 

For example, did you know that mirrors were placed in elevators early in their history specifically to distract people from both the small size of the elevator car and the fact that rising from the ground was less than “natural.”

In other words, elevator mirrors were all about reducing stress, right from the get-go.

And that’s why mirrors create good Feng Shui.

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