Select The Best Art For Your Feng Shui Entryway

Selecting art for your home’s entryway can be challenging; in fact it’s one of my most frequently-asked Feng Shui questions.

In Feng Shui the entryway is extremely important because Chi energy enters here to begin its nourishing circuit around your space.

So the “right” art is essential here. It needs to attract good energy as well as set the tone for the experience you, your visitors, and Chi will have within the home.

The best Feng Shui art also serves as a guide in the entryway, indicating which way to move once inside: to the right, left, or straight ahead?

The Water element is always associated with the entry to a space because of the flow of energy through the front door.

So the best Feng Shui art for your front entry will be connected with water.  This gives you a lot of flexibility since the Water element is represented by undulating, sinous shapes, mirrors and glass, the color black, and of course water itself.

Here are a few specific ideas that will attract the best Feng Shui to your door:

  • An undulating landscape or painting of a beautiful flowing river.
  • Abstract art that includes sinuous shapes.
  • A beautiful mirror.
  • A welcoming carpet with dark colors or winding shapes within it.
  • Any art that’s associated with water: a painting of river rocks, for example.
  • A small water feature, such as a fountain.

Use your imagination and have fun selecting the “just right” piece of art for your entry.

Do you have something wonderful in your entryway?  Please share the love in the Comments!

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