The Feng Shui of Modern Farmhouse Furniture: Balancing Simplicity and Elegance

A home is supposed to be a place of rest and relaxation. Although it can also be a workplace, many people leave their homes during the day for school, work, social activities, or errands and come back to their spaces hoping to feel comfortable. A home is your escape from the rest of the world, so it is important that you design it well to make it feel comfortable for you and your family.

One aspect of creating a great interior for your home is through your design choices. Do the aesthetics of the rooms create anxiety within you or do they create a feeling of comfort? If you are unhappy with how your home is laid out, then perhaps it is time for a change. 

Feng Shui is a concept that has been used often to describe a home’s interior design. It refers to the idea of creating balance in a space using numerous elements. The purpose of this balance is to achieve an atmosphere of serenity, which is what your home should have as your private oasis. Modern farmhouse furniture can help support Feng Shui in your home in several ways. 

Simple Designs

An extravagant piece can make it hard to find balance in a room. If all the attention is drawn to a very ornate piece of furniture, a couch for example, then it takes away from the rest of the elements in the room. Modern farmhouse is a style that embraces both the rustic and the modern. These two styles are known for their simplicity. There are straight lines, plenty of right angles, and smooth surfaces, all of which help the piece blend into the shape of the room more effectively. Bringing modern farmhouse furniture into a room is a great way to prioritize simple designs in the space with the largest decorative elements in the room. 

Earth Tone Palettes

Colors have a huge impact on how a space feels. You could have all your decor and furniture chosen perfectly to foster a sense of serenity, but if you have the wrong color wall, then it could ruin that balance completely. If you want to use Feng Shui to create a relaxing space, then modern farmhouse furniture can bring the right colors into the room. Since most of these pieces are made from wood, they will reflect Earth tones effectively, such as brown, gray, off-white, and even rust. These pieces also combine modern elements like marble, so you can complement the natural wood aesthetic with harsher blacks or pure whites. In either case, the understated nature of modern farmhouse furniture makes it easy to balance color throughout the room with other decorative elements. 

Creating a Center

One aspect of Feng Shui that is key to creating balance is having a center as a focal point of the room. Although this center may be the focus, it is not meant to take away from all other elements of the room. Instead, these other elements should highlight the center and complement it. Modern farmhouse furniture can easily serve as the focal point of the room. For example, in a family room, a rustic coffee table surrounded by a simply designed wood-frame couch and one or two other modern farmhouse chairs create the perfect focal point in the space. This center can then be complemented with modern pendant lighting that emphasizes Feng Shui and neutral hues on the walls, like beige or pale blue. 

Highlighting Greenery

Another important element of Feng Shui is greenery. If you want to create a space that balances simplicity and elegance, then you need minimalist furniture and greenery. These two factors will create a relaxing space that brings you a sense of peace. Since the furniture itself features muted earth tones, it is easier to focus on the splash of color that plants provide in a well-lit space. Too much color in your furniture can take away from the effect of your greenery. Plants also bring tranquility, fresh air, and positive energy to the room, so you don’t want to ruin that effect with flashy furniture. 

Feng Shui and the Modern Farmhouse Style Are a Perfect Pairing

Feng Shui is all about creating balance through simplicity and elegance. The same words could be used to describe most types of modern farmhouse furniture. As a result, you can prioritize Feng Shui in your home perfectly by adding these pieces to your interiors. However, you must remember how to blend them in with the other elements of your home, including decor, lighting, greenery, and paint colors. If you can balance these factors effectively, you will create a perfectly balanced home that focuses on serenity and comfort.

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