The Secret to a Successful Kitchen Renovation: 6 Tips You Need to Know

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? If so, many things might come to mind that you'd love to do, but the real question is, where should you start when you're looking to craft the kitchen that you only see in movies?

When it comes to any successful kitchen renovation, we have several tips to offer you that will ensure things go off without a hitch. Sit back, relax, and get ready to check out these need-to-know tips to ensure your kitchen renovation is done right the first time.

1.  Ensure You Plan Ahead

The first thing you need to do is ensure you plan ahead for the kitchen renovation. This is because renovations almost always go at least a few days longer than they initially anticipated, which means you won't be able to use the kitchen.

Make sure you've planned ahead to make other plans in case you're unable to use your kitchen when you want to. It also helps if you continue to communicate with the renovation company you've hired to gauge the actual timeline for completing the kitchen.

While you're planning ahead, you should also assess the layout of your kitchen. Doing this will ensure you choose renovations that make sense for the kitchen and the floor space and size it provides to you.

2.  Is It Broken?

To save yourself some money, move forward with your renovation, understanding that if something isn't broken, don't fix it. For example, when you're making your selections of countertops, it doesn't mean you have to tear out the base of the countertop. It simply means you might need to find a countertop that fits better with the aesthetic of your countertop base.

If there are elements within the kitchen that are newer and would fit within your design for the renovation, we recommend you keep them. Especially if there are more expensive items, you intend to buy for the renovation.

3.  Shop the Sale

If you do have to replace or update appliances within your kitchen, we encourage you to shop a sale. This will ensure you're able to get the appliances you want for the kitchen but at a discounted price.

If you know you want to start a kitchen renovation, you could make a list of the appliances you want to buy and watch them until they drop in price or newer ones become available.

You should also look for any coupons that can help you reduce the final price of your buy, especially if you're buying several things at once.

Measure twice to ensure the appliance fits your space.  Consider energy efficiency, noise levels, and special features. When installing the new appliances, expert plumbing help can ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

4.  Select Warm Design Elements

The kitchen should be welcoming and warm to all who enter. When you see it, you should feel as if you're invited to come in and cook something delicious that everyone will enjoy.

The way to make your kitchen feel inviting is to choose soft and inviting decor elements.

Warm elements could be a variety of textiles or textures that make your kitchen feel like it's meant to feel instead of appearing like it's a restaurant kitchen.

5.  Avoid the Trends

There are numerous trends out there that you might be inclined to follow when renovating your kitchen. However, trends are exactly what they sound like; they're here today and gone tomorrow.

Therefore, it's best to determine if you want to incorporate the trend because it's something you truly want to see every day or if you just want it because other people want it. Making this assessment will ensure you're not doing something you're going to want to change in the near future.

6.  Consult an Expert

If there are major changes you want to make to the kitchen, such as creating an open floor plan, you're going to want to consult with an expert. They will be able to look around your kitchen and provide feedback on things like where low-bearing walls are and where electrical wiring runs.

Speaking with an expert also helps if you've started the project and some of your DIY components aren't going the way you've wished for them to.

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, you've got to take your time and plan ahead for the changes that are to come. It also helps if you watch the prices on things like appliances so you're able to buy them when you think it's the right time.


These are just a few of the tips we have to offer you. Check out some of the other blogs we have to offer you in this section.

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