The Wood Element: Feng Shui Shapes & Colors, Part 1

In my series of articles about Feng Shui’s Five Elements we’ve looked at the Feng Shui benefits of the FireEarthMetal  and Water elements.

Let’s look now at the strong, upright Wood element.

The Wood element has the energy of a healthy, growing tree.

Vital and strong, Wood helps you move your life upward while anchoring you to your roots, the source of your strength.

  • Its shape is tall and vertical: columns, vertical stripes and other strong verticals all represent Wood
  • Its color is green or greenish blue
  • The Wood element is present in live (and high-quality silk) plants. But it is NOT present in furniture or objects made of Wood because it is not alive, it has become inert.
  • Wood has qualities of flexibility and strength, and adds healthy vitality to your life.
  • It is the element of springtime growth and represents a gentle breeze that gathers abundance to it.
  • The archetype of the Wood element is the Pioneer, breaking through barriers as it moves upwards.

On the Feng Shui Bagua Map, Wood is the element of New Beginnings & Family, and of Wealth & Gratitude.

The Wood element is present in all things botanical: live (and high-quality silk) plants, botanical prints, artwork that includes trees….

Look around your space and start to notice which objects, furniture, and pieces of art may represent the Wood element.

Now, let’s look at Wood in the Cycle of the Elements:

  • Wood is nourished by Water in the Creative Cycle.
  • Wood in turn nourishes the Fire element
  • Wood is controlled by Metal in the Controlling Cycle, just as an axe cuts down a tree in the forest to control its growth.

Important note: When you are considering which element might be represented by a particular object, Shape takes precedence.

For example an object that is tall and vertical (like a tall floor lamp, perhaps), mainly represents the Wood element. Depending on its color and other aspects, other elements may also be represented, but Wood predominates in that particular object.

Check out the Feng Shui details about the other elements in my Five Elements series: FireEarthMetal  and Water.

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