The Wood Element: Growth, Vitality & Flexibility

Add Wood to your space when you wish to encourage growth, flexibility and family harmony in your life.

Wood supports your health — your DNA and the roots of your well-being in the world.  And the Wood element is associated with two sectors of the Bagua Map: New Beginnings/Family and Wealth.

Here are three ways to enhance your Feng Shui by adding the Wood element to your space:

1. Green is the color for Wood, so the most straightforward thing to do is paint your walls a beautiful, subtle shade of green.

Be sure to balance your Wood element with other colors including red to bring in the Fire element.

2. Of course, Wood is also present in healthy plants.

Plants and green-striped rug make great Wood-element addiditions to a kitchen, bringing it into balance by softening the strong white Metal element.

3. Vertical stripes also add uplifting Wood energy to a space.

Classic striped wallpaper is one way to bring in Wood’s verticality.

In the Five Element cycles, Wood nourishes Fire and is controlled by Metal. The creative and destructive relationships bring the elements to life, which is why they are one of Feng Shui’s main tools for creating harmony and balance in your life.

Wood’s energy is uplifting and full of vitality.  Apply liberally!

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