Three Powerful Tips: Manifest Your Dreams With A Feng Shui Vision Board

When you make a Vision Board you send the universe powerful signals so it can help you manifest your dreams and desires.

Magnify the power of a Vision Board by making it even more intentional with Feng Shui.

Just as Feng Shui brings together the visible and invisible worlds,  the simple act of selecting meaningful pictures and resonant phrases to paste on a Vision Board brings your inner life closer to reality in the “real world.”

Here’s how to use Feng Shui to manifest your dreams with a Vision Board.

Whatever goals and dreams you wish to manifest right now, every one of the nine important life areas can support you.

With Health in the center and the other eight areas surrounding it, you are sure to “cover the bases” in asking for the help of the universe to bring your dreams to fruition. 

  • As you select words and images for your board, consider which areas of the Bagua you wish to focus on right now.

 Are you looking to attract a romantic partner, for example? You’ll naturally look for great “happy couple” images for the Relationship sector of your board.

But don’t forget the powerful support a healthy relationship receives from the Knowledge sector.

To create the most powerful board focus on (just) two or three life areas to make sure your message comes through loud and clear 🙂

  • Once your Vision Board is done, carefully choose a place for it in your home.

Of the nine Bagua areas of your room or your home, where will your board do its best manifesting work on your behalf? 

While the Wealth & Abundance sector may seem the most obvious choice, consider every sector, to make the most of your board’s tremendous manifesting power.

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