5 Feng Shui Alternatives for Your Missing Home Wealth Corner

Each sector of the bagua represents different aspects of our lives. All of these sectors are considered equally important, as one aspect could affect the others, leaving us with the idea that one of the famous teachings of Feng Shui is indeed correct: everything in this universe is linked to one another. As we all know by now, all corners of our houses represent these bagua symbols. It is also believed that the rooms assigned to these sectors must be capable of attracting and storing the energies needed to improve the aspects of your life that these kua symbols embody.

According to feng shui practice, the bagua is composed of nine life areas: wealth, fame, relationships, family, health, children and creativity, wisdom, career, and travel. Each of these life areas is supposed to have a corner in your house. Not having so is said to affect you negatively in that certain part of your life. In this article, we will focus on your home’s wealth corner. We will answer questions such as: what will happen if the wealth area of your home changes? Or what should you do about it?

Before we talk about that, it is first vital to know how to determine if your house is really missing the wealth area. It is also important to understand what it means to miss a bagua corner in your home.

What Does a Missing Corner in Feng Shui Mean?

A missing corner in feng shui means that the structure and shape of your home do not cater to one or more of the nine bagua symbols I have previously mentioned. This does not mean an empty room, but rather the total absence of space in that corner because it falls outside your house. With the emerging architectural designs of our homes, we are not only offered a rectangular or square-shaped house layout but also complicated irregular-shaped ones that look aesthetically pleasing. Despite the feng shui issues that could result from having these house layouts, it is also impractical and close-minded not to welcome innovation in the field of architecture. That is why it is crucial for us to adapt and learn how to remedy any feng shui hitches that may come our way.

How to Know if You are Missing the Wealth Corner of Your Home?

The best way to identify whether your home is missing the wealth corner is to print out a blueprint or layout of your house. You can then proceed by drawing a square or a rectangle outside of it, making sure that the square is just large enough to surround your house layout. Draw out lines that divide your house into nine equal boxes. It would look as if you were drawing grid lines inside of it. The wealth corner is located at the bottom left box of your house if the front entrance is facing you. If your front door is placed in a fashion that does not face the front lawn, consider the front lawn or the space that faces the street as the anchor that should point towards you. If you see that no room falls under the bottom left box or the southeast corner, it means that you are missing a wealth corner in your home and that you should make an effort to remedy it immediately!

What Will Happen If Your Wealth Corner is Missing?

The wealth corner houses the energies that assist you in terms of finances, abundance, and prosperity. If your wealth corner is missing, it could potentially create an imbalance, which then results in weak financial opportunities and success. Accordingly, the wealth corner is also considered to represent the welfare of one member of the family: the oldest daughter. You will probably feel that your eldest daughter is detached from the rest of your family if this corner goes missing. All of these possible consequences of missing your wealth area are indeed alarming. However, there are feng shui alternatives you may try in order to fix it!

Try These Feng Shui Alternatives!

    1. Mirrors

Installing a mirror in an adjacent wall from the missing wealth corner will give the illusion that the area exists. This is good enough to fix the issue and collect energies that will help you with your finances and abundance. It is a good hack since it will not cost you a lot. Try this at home and see if it works for you.

    2Complete The Bagua of Your House

Another way that you can compensate for the missing wealth area in your home is to go outside your house layout. You can place banners and flags, and you might as well install chain lights in order to complete the outline of your home. Whatever you use, make sure you are able to shape it as if it were part of the house. Since this is the wealth area of your home, make it look like it. Additionally, the lights in this area must be lit 24/7 if possible. If not, at least turn it on for the whole night.

    3. Activate Wealth Energy in Individual Rooms

Who says you can only have one wealth corner in your home? Be smart and consider each room a whole space that you can map with the nine symbols of the bagua. Proceed then by enhancing the wealth corner of all your rooms. You can improve it by placing figurines and objects that are good at attracting wealth, blessings, and energies. Use anything that you think is good for fortune, whether it be the three-legged frog, a crystal lotus, windchimes, or a lot more.

    4. Plants

It is also recommended to place an odd number of plants with rounded leaves on the walls of the missing wealth corner. This is said to attract energy that will assist you in your financial situation despite the missing area. If you have already installed a mirror on an adjacent wall, it is also best to place the plants in front of the mirror, as it is believed to increase the amount of energy absorbed.

Since the wealth corner is located outside your house. It is recommended to outline this area as if it were still linked to your home. A great idea is to make it a garden or yard with water features (like a flowing pond or a fountain) that make it look like an extension of your house. Water is a good symbol of wealth, so it is very encouraged to incorporate this into your wealth area. Moreover, the movement of the water from your fountain or pond signifies a flowing financial blessing for you.


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