Top Feng Shui Tips When You Work From Home, Part 1

Are you one of the many people who work from home?

As an entrepreneur or a long-distance worker it’s important to set up your home office with good Feng Shui so you can be as successful as possible.

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • On the plus side you can set your own schedule, wear what you like and gain back travel time into your day.
  • On the other hand your personal life can more easily intrude so it can be tougher to focus and achieve your business goals.

Feng Shui helps you get the most out of working from home.

Follow these top Feng Shui tips for your home office or workspace to improve your work focus, become as productive as possible and achieve success in your work.

1. Choose the best place in your home to set up your office.

Find a place to set up your office that has good business Feng Shui. Two places to avoid? Your basement and your bedroom.

  • With its low ceilings, stagnant energy and damp air the basement is one of the most Yin spaces in your home. This makes it inappropriate for the bright Yang energy you need to be productive.
  • Your bedroom needs to be solely dedicated to self-care (and your romantic life). Find a place other than your bedroom for your desk or workspace and watch both your personal and business lives improve dramatically.
  • Keep business and sleep energies as separate as possible. Avoid locating your office in a location that you must walk by each time you come and go to your bedroom.
  • Dining rooms and guest rooms typically work well as offices because they have vitality and visibility but keep you out of the main flow of traffic through your home.

2. Put yourself in charge.

  • Use the Feng Shui Command Position to set up your desk. The Command Position reduces stress, puts you in charge of your professional life and helps you see opportunities and challenges that are coming your way (and more).
  • If you prefer to work sitting on your couch or at your dining table you can still be in command. Position yourself in such a way that you can see activity in front of you, especially as people come and go from your home.
  • Reduce the possibility of surprises with a set of bells on your front door so you can hear people coming and going, especially if you can’t see the door from where you sit.

3. Set boundaries and minimize interruptions.

  • Strong boundaries are essential when you’re working from home. Everyone around you needs to know when you are working and that it’s important not to interrupt you.
  • If there’s a door you can close to create a boundary, definitely use it.
  • If you have no door, set up clear signals that indicate when you are not to be interrupted.  A few suggestions: a “Do Not Disturb” sign or other visual cue that says “Stop”, or soft music that creates a sound barrier are both effective barriers to unwanted interruptions.
  • Use the Earth element to symbolically stabilize and steer energy in the direction you prefer. Objects that are square or blocky, or are in shades of yellow or gold or made of ceramic material all bring Earth’s boundary-making energy into your workspace.
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