Top Eight Experts Reveal Their No.1 Feng Shui Decluttering Tip for Small Spaces.

Do you live in a small space and want to practice feng shui? Not a problem anymore! 

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on harmonizing humans and their environment. It is often used in architecture, interior design, and landscaping.

According to feng shui, the placement of objects in a space can affect the flow of energy (known as chi) and, in turn, the luck and fortune of the people who inhabit that space.

However, small spaces present a unique challenge regarding feng shui as most people think of feng shui as only applicable to large spaces. 

But with a little knowledge and creativity, you can use feng shui to create a harmonious and prosperous atmosphere in any small space. 

In this expert round-up, we have gathered some top experts in the field to explore some of the best tips for small spaces.

From great advice on furniture placement to color schemes and lighting, you’ll learn everything you need to create a thriving space with feng shui.

Amanda Gibby Peters

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Best Feng Shui Tip from Amanda

Make the floors and counters off-limits to storage. Pick anything up off the floor that doesn’t belong there – toys, bags, etc. – and limit baskets on the floor because those tend to become clutter depositories. Also, countertops morph quickly into clutter havens – everything is drawn to them, right? Strive to clear those daily – a quick effort that immediately leaves the room feeling more spacious! Bottom line: energy goes where the eye goes – when we put our stuff away, our home immediately feels much cleaner and lighter.


Time yourself. What gets measured gets managed. If I’m running around short on time but have a 10-minute pocket until my next call, I know I have time to quickly unload the dishwasher or fold a laundry basket because I have timed myself previously. Noticeable tidying can happen in less than 10 minutes, so I maximize these slivers as much as possible.

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Alejandra Brady

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Best Tip from Alejandra.

I get this question a lot. I work with clients worldwide; often, they live in apartments or condos or have limited closet space.

All decluttering starts off the same for me. Work on one area at a time. Take everything out of that area and clean the space. Purchase organization tools to help keep things in order for you (baskets, bins, hangers, etc.).  

Then, as you start placing items back, ask yourself the following question:  “When I picture my ideal life scenario, does this item help support that life in any way?” 

If the answer is not a resounding yes, place the item to the side (or in a box) and continue with all items that are a yes for you.  Once you have done that, organize the “yes” items to make them easy to find and use for the task at hand. This is a key step in small spaces to prevent clutter from creeping in again.

Upon completion of all useful items, pause and sit with your space.  See how it feels. 

Most of my clients tell me it is much easier to let the “maybe” items go at this point because they have shifted the energy and can feel the difference.

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Karen Kingston

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Best Tip from Karen

Stop clutter before it starts.

When deciding whether to buy or acquire something new, ask yourself, where will I keep this? If the answer isn’t clear, walk away. You were just about to purchase clutter!

When living in a small space, it’s essential to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place, ideally grouped with other items of a similar kind. Invest in the right type of storage for your needs when you finish using something. Put it back where it belongs.

At the very least, develop a routine of tidying the last thing at night or first thing in the morning to start each day fresh. Then at least once a year, review the things you have and let go of any you never use, don’t like, or have too many of. You will then have mastered living clutter-free.



Kartar Diamond

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“My #1 Feng Shui Decluttering tip is a motivational reminder that clean, organized, functional spaces go hand-in-hand with good Feng Shui. It’s not just about how a place looks but the literal balance of Yin and Yang, which can profoundly influence your health, mindset, and creative potential.  Cluttered spaces can be too yin: dark, stagnant, and adversely affect all your senses.  They can be too yang as well when too much clutter creates chaos.

You deserve to live in a space that reflects your higher nature. We continuously interact with multi-dimensional energies, so what you enhance in a mundane sphere can also accelerate your soul’s destiny.

Free up the qi flow in your home or workspace, and your other remedies will work much better.”

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When decluttering, be brutal. Don’t hold onto items such as clothing you hope you might fit into one day or gifts you feel obliged to keep, even though you don’t like them. This keeps you stuck in the future and the past, and wherever these items are stored in your home may negatively affect that corresponding part of your life. Only keep items that you love or find pleasure in right now, as this brings you into the present moment, freeing up pathways for clarity, energy, and new opportunities to come your way.

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Donna Stellhorn

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Best Tip From Donna

Feng shui helps us become aware of the things in our lives and what has value in our environment. Have too many clothes hanging in your closet? On the first day of the month, turn all the hangers in your clothes closet backward. After you wear an item, return it to the closet hanging it the usual way, forward. As you choose items to wear daily, you're more aware of why you're not wearing certain pieces (the color, the fit, the style, etc.). By the end of the month, you'll see how many hangers are still backward, and you'll have a visual representation of what you wear and what you could let go of.




Tanita Okanovic

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Best Tip From Tanita

My Number 1 Feng Shui Tip for people who live in smaller places, such as studio apartments, would definitely be from my personal and professional point of view – as a Feng Shui Consultant to surround yourself with what you love, need, and use. It is important to eliminate and discard everything that the owner does not consider likable, such as old clothes, decor items, and furniture pieces. I would also ensure that the space is not overloaded with furniture so that the room has enough space to breathe and the energy circulates freely. These are the basics of Feng Shui and a foundation for great energy in the living space. 


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Meena Jagpal-Pare

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Best Tip From Meena

When decluttering, it's important to set your Intention for the end result. Envision what you're excited about placing in the space, whether Energetically or physically. See it as if it's already there and feel the joy in your heart. The Universe provides us with more of where we are at in life currently so go ahead and release the Energetic baggage and make space to receive the blessings.  

You can bring in Positive Energy with smaller objects. Crystals are a good option. Place Clear Quartz to enhance Manifesting, Citrine for Prosperity or Amethyst for Calming vibes. Small plants like Jade or Bamboo stalks are also a great way to keep the Energy empowered in your Home without taking up too much space. 





We hope this expert round-up is helpful. In conclusion, you should make a few considerations about feng shui and small rooms. 

To start, make sure the area is properly illuminated. This entails painting the walls in light hues and letting in lots of natural light. Second, ensure there is no debris in the area. This entails removing any extra furniture or objects that take up the room. Finally, you must guarantee that the area is cozy. This entails providing comfy furnishings and making sure the environment is relaxing. By following these tips, you can improve your feng shui and create a functional and stylish space.

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