Top Tips For Feng-Shui Friendly TV Watching

You know all about why a TV doesn’t belong in your bedroom, but happily there are ways to set up a television in your home so it actually has good Feng Shui.

Here are my Top-5 Tips for creating a harmonious TV-viewing experience with Feng Shui:


  1. Place the TV at a comfortable viewing height.  Hanging the TV above the fireplace is a no-no in Feng Shui for two reasons: it puts you in an uncomfortable viewing position, and its electricity creates excess heat in combination with the “Fire-y” symbolism of the hearth.
  2. Your comfort is priority #1 in Feng Shui, so get a TV whose size allows you to sit comfortably while you watch. One that’s too small forces you to strain to see it, whereas an overly-large unit forces you to sit as far away from it as you can get.  Get a TV that’s “just right” for the dimensions of your space.
  3. Arrange your furniture so that you, and not the TV, are “in command” of the room. Place your couch or easy chair in the Command Position across from the door where you have the greatest visual control of the room, and position the TV across from it in a less-dominant position.
  4. Paint your walls in rich dark tones to help the television blend in to its surroundings and absorb some of the Chi energy from the bright TV picture.
  5. Finally, nourish your TV-watching social life by keeping the room organized and inviting.  A clutter-free room gives your TV watching experience the best possible Feng Shui.

Is your TV room set up as comfortably as you’d like?  Please share your experience!

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