Top Tips for Good Feng Shui In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is probably the most often disregarded and understated area of most homes. What we did not know is that it holds pretty much the same importance as other angles of our house. Without your bathroom, you will not be able to release dirt and impurities from your body. In addition, you will not have a place to cleanse and wash away negative energy.

Showering and bathing are another form of relaxation other than sleep. This could also be the perfect time to reflect and meditate since the existence of water helps you get deep thoughts. Taking all of this into consideration, there is no reason why you should neglect your bathrooms. This space deserves some love too! As a matter of fact, most visitors will often subconsciously associate your cleanliness with how clean your bathroom is. Thus, it is totally fine to decorate your bathroom. It would be even better to make it look luxurious and spa-like to make your bathing experience the best it can be.

Follow this bathroom feng shui guide and make your bathroom feel all the love!

Secure Good Water Supply

Your bathroom is all about water, so it should be able to provide an ample amount of it.

  • Water Pressure

Having low water pressure would be very inconvenient. Imagine having a bathroom with a shower but no water coming out of it. Would that be considered a bathroom? If you find your bathroom having these problems, it is recommended that you call your plumber to see what is causing them. You can also invest in a water pump to raise the pressure and allow the water to reach your shower tap. But be reminded that too much water pressure is not enjoyable either, especially when you have a bidet. You probably know what I mean.

  • Fix Your Drippy Faucets

Practically speaking, drippy faucets contribute to low water pressure and a costly water bill. Thus, you should see to it that no faucets are faulty or leaking. In a feng shui perspective, leaving a leaky faucet means allowing financial blessings to slip out and disappear. The water element symbolizes wealth, so it is as if you are allowing monetary loss to happen if you leave your faucets dripping.

  • Clean Water, Clean Energy

One of the most vital things you need to secure is clean water. Your bathroom is the place where you are supposed to cleanse yourself; therefore, having a clean water supply is a necessity. It is recommended that you invest in a water filter if you want drinkable water.

Incorporate Mirrors

Because you use the bathroom to get rid of waste, it could also negatively impact the energy flowing around it. To counteract this effect, hang a mirror in your bathroom, preferably at the door facing your home. This trick erases the comfort room and blocks all the dirty energy from roaming around the rest of your house. It soaks up negative vibes!

Having a mirror inside the bathroom is also necessary, given that this is where you clean yourself and you really need to see your face. In attempting to place your mirrors, make sure that these mirrors are located away from the toilet.

Bathrooms Should Smell Great

Who would want to use a smelly and dirty bathroom? Make sure yours are fragrant and sparkling by strictly following these points:

  • Regular Cleaning

Your restroom is susceptible to dirt, as this is used for releasing impurities. The built-up dirt and bacteria will create an unpleasant smell; hence, it is important to clean regularly. Do not allow bacteria to build up and stay, scrub it clean with cleaning products. You can also use cleaning products that already have fragrance. Citrus and lavender scents are the best for bathrooms.

  • Ventilation is a Necessity

A bathroom that has good ventilation has a good air flow and will have a fresher smell than one that does not. Your bathroom can have windows too, but make sure that such windows won’t give visual access to your neighbors. You can also buy a bathroom fan to work on your ventilation.

  • Add Real Plants

Adding plants to your bathroom contributes to its freshness. Plants are natural purifiers that clean and filter the air. Aside from this, they are good decorations for your bathroom. They also represent the wood element and would help balance the dominance of the water element in your bathroom.

Illuminate your Bathroom

Your bathroom should not feel gloomy and wet. To help you feel energized inside your bathroom, make sure that it is well lit. Add lights to your cabinets and mirrors to accentuate this area. The bulbs you should use are those that have soft, warm lights and not cold blue ones. Prefer light fixtures that can make your bathroom feel like a spa salon.

Accessorize Your Bathroom

Do not let your bathroom look boring; add art and materials to elevate its style. Put scented candles, bath bombs, a humidifier, small figurines, and other items in your bathroom that could increase its comfortability. You can also opt for a graphic art that has a funny quote on it to entertain visitors. Do not be afraid to be creative with your bathroom. Beautifying this area will help you have the best time to relax and meditate.

Choose The Right Colors

Dark colors are discouraged in your restroom. What is most recommended is to use smooth colors that will make it look clean and relaxing. Here are the recommended colors for your bathroom:

  • White

This is the most commonly used color for bathrooms. Aside from its clean appearance, this color symbolizes purity and spiritual rejuvenation, which is why it is perfect for bathrooms. The only downside to this color is that it is pretty hard to maintain because dirt is very visible in white.

  • Green

The color green is a wood element and is perfect for bathrooms to balance out the elements present in your bathroom. Green also assists in relaxation and healing, as this color is commonly found in nature.

  • Blue

Blue is associated with water, which makes it a good color for bathrooms. This color promotes rest and rejuvenation. Aside from the fact that your bathroom supplies a lot of water, it also drains a lot of it, so adding this color will negate everything that has been drained.

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