Warm Up Your Space: Decorating with Boho Styled Area Rugs

A breath of fresh sea air and warm sand on your feet. Do you want to bring a bohemian feel to your room?ย 

Boho style you just love at first sight. ๐Ÿ˜

Boho-chic is one of the leading style trends that has remained popular for centuries: either one or the other of its components appears on the list of trends - fashion and interior. In the interior, boho-chic is realized by creating a relaxed, comfortable, bohemian atmosphere.

Why do people love the Boho style?

Suppose you have a lot of multi-colored pillows, carpets, bedspreads with ethnic patterns, bright, unusual furniture, original trinkets, and handmade gizmos at home. In that case, this is not a creative mess but bohemian chic. The boho style in the interior allows you to follow strict rules, not use ready-made solutions, and combine incongruous and artistically litter space.ย 

However, to apply boho chic beautifully, you must have good taste and patience. Even this seemingly chaotic style has its logic and harmony. For a bohemian living room or bedroom, oriental boho carpets are a must-have.

Bringing the energies of Feng Shui into your design

Another reason a lot of people love boho style rugs is that it enables them to bring the energies of Feng Shui into their home effortlessly. Using key pieces of decor, you can embrace the ancient art of Feng Shui and create a positive vibe in any room. Using boho rugs as part of your Feng Shui design enables you to boost the positive energy in the room while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

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Boho Styled Area Rugs: How To Decorate

Buy Persian-style rug

If you're looking for one piece to transform your living room into a boho-inspired paradise, why not opt โ€‹โ€‹for a cozy Persian-inspired rug? Now you can find it in different sizes and shapes and any design. You can pair it with pillows or create contrast by using opposite colors. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Patchwork style

The rug can also be sewn, for example, from pockets from old denim items. Take a robust cotton canvas and sew denim details on it as a base. Get a carpet in patchwork technique.ย 

From strips of fabric

You can prepare chintz ribbons - in large quantities and different colors, 2 by 6 cm in size. Take a construction grid with large cells as a basis. Crochet a blank ribbon into each cell and tie a knot on the front side. The rug should also be edged along the edge so it does not crumble.

Knitted t-shirt rug

It is easy to style your own rug with old t-shirts. Take materials and a maxi-size hook to make the work go faster, then knit in a circle with single crochets from a ribbon 2โ€“3 cm wide. When one ribbon ends, we tie or sew its end with the next. The exact process goes on each tier; your rug will be ready at home.

Woven rugs

Fabrics, specially woven rugs, are a distinctive element that will give a living room the right boho touch. Of course, we are talking about solid woven or crocheted rugs made in lighter, more natural colors. No less impressive are classical forms and round and angular carpets. And be careful; carpets can be used not only on the floor but also on the wall as a great addition!

Choose the bright colors

The brighter and more unusual the puffs are, the better. A hallmark of boho-style rugs is provocative, bright colors. Especially popular are red, blue, orange, yellow, and green colors of natural shades. Usually, they choose some basic color scheme, including neutral light shades, to which they already add a variety of catchy accents. In one interior, many different colors are used, which create the most unexpected combinations, giving the space the perfect degree of frenzy.

Breathe your living, summery, bohemian miracle into your home. Just a few accessories, festive exoticism, and comfort will immediately decorate the house.

Where Did Boho Chic Come From?

Boho-chic is a fashion trend that combines a tramp's carelessness and free spirit with the chic manners of an impoverished artist.

The style originated in France after the French Revolution, when impoverished artists, who lost the same ruined bourgeois customers, were forced to move to the slums, wear old things, adopting habits and styles from vagrants and gypsies. All freedom-loving natures liked this style so much that for more than 200 years, it has not left the catwalks and pages of fashion magazines. Take a look at it, and you, it's worth it!

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