Ways to Make Your Bathroom a Tranquil Sanctuary

The one room of your home that should be the most private is the bathroom. While it may serve many practical purposes, it can also be a space for relaxation and recharging after a tough day if it has good feng shui. With the right design choices and functional elements, you can transform your bathroom into the most loved room in your home and attract good feng shui energy.

Declutter and Deep Clean

Whether you are planning a complete bathroom renovation or a simple improvement, a great place to start is to give everything a deep clean. Of course, if you intend to replace the fixtures with new ones, you might not need to clean these, but whatever is staying in the bathroom should be given a thorough cleansing treatment. Use up any toiletries you don't want anymore to clear up your existing storage space. This will make it easier to come up with new additions to the room that focus on tranquility as well as practicality.

Create Useful Storage

Small items such as candles, scents, and soft towels are all part of the relaxing mood you want to create in your bathroom, but these items require storage space. While you might currently keep these types of items in other parts of your home, having a dedicated place for them in the bathroom can make the entire bathing process more indulgent and enjoyable. Even if you have a relatively small bathroom, you can make use of vertical space by installing shelves and wall cupboards to house smaller objects.

Make Privacy a Priority

Keeping your bathroom private is a huge part of cultivating a sense of tranquility and luxury. Windows that make it easy for passersby to see inside, a non-functional lock, and other small details can all add up to make a bathroom feel less private and, therefore, less peaceful. Pay attention to these aspects and take steps to overcome them, such as installing frosted glass or a more secure lock. You will feel much more at ease when enjoying your bathroom once you are assured that the space is truly separate from the outside world.

Remember Small Conveniences

Little luxuries can help your bathroom feel more special, but they won't work nearly as well if you neglect to make the space convenient too. When using the bathroom, if it is even slightly inconvenient, it can make you less likely to feel at peace. For example, heated towel rails such as those from warmrooms.co.uk can make the process of getting out of the shower that little bit more luxurious and calming since you don't need to leave the bathroom to retrieve a warm, welcoming towel. A bath mat made from high-quality material and a well-thought-out arrangement of fixtures will go a long way to ensuring that the space is easy to use. A great way to design for this is to take time to imagine yourself performing all your usual tasks in the bathroom and what you would include to make it more convenient.

Ensure That All Fixtures Are Functional

It is difficult to feel relaxed in a space when nothing seems to work as it should. This is why making the time to address any functional issues in your bathroom will be more than worth it. Leaky taps, broken tiles, and other fixture problems should be a top priority when you come to renovate or update your bathroom.

Choose Varied Textures

Bathrooms are hard out of necessity. With so much moisture, it is important that the surfaces are able to withstand contact with water. However, for a more tranquil and luxurious atmosphere, softer textures can help to balance all the hardness. Thick, soft towels and comfortable linens can make your bathroom much more inviting as well as practical. Even if you prefer rougher textures, the difference between these and the hard surfaces will create a visually pleasing contrast.

Include Warm and Purposeful Lighting

A single overhead light can be too harsh in a home, especially if you are trying to create a soft and peaceful mood. Choose lightbulbs with a warmer tone and be more strategic about the placement. Wall-mounted sconces and smaller lamps are usually better than a single overhead light source. Think about where you use light the most, such as around the mirror or over the shower.

Don't Forget Visual Design

While most of your design considerations should be about the practical side of the space, making decisions based solely on your taste preferences will also help to make the bathroom tranquil and enjoyable. Take your time and collect bathroom items that are both useful and visually interesting so that whenever you step into the room, you immediately feel content and restful.


Hopefully, these simple points have given you inspiration about how to make your bathroom look and feel more like a personal sanctuary.

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