What Gives A Home Office Good Feng Shui?

With so many folks working from home today, the need for well-designed home offices is becoming more and more important.

But setting up a home office with good Feng Shui that supports your success can be challenging.

Here’s a typical home office setup that does not meet Feng Shui requirements and is likely to dampen creativity and productivity:

Shoved into a corner with his (or her) back to the door and the desk facing out the window, this person is positioned exactly backwards from a Feng Shui perspective.

Far from being a quiet, serene place to work, the desk placement makes the person vulnerable to real distractions outside the window as well as potential ones in back of him, out of his line of vision.

I don’t see any task lighting on the desk, either, so actual working conditions here are far from ideal.

(At the very least I’d suggest adding a lamp and placing a mirror on the desk to reflect any action behind him.)

But here’s an example of a home office with wonderful Feng Shui:


Despite the tiny space, this person has designed her home office to demonstrate that she’s firmly in charge of her work life.

Her desk is “in command,” the space is organized to support her work, and the homemade mobiles activate Chi energy in what might otherwise be a dead end location in her home.

She also has good light sources, both natural and artificial, to support her work.

The only thing missing is a computer, but wireless connections, tablets and the like make that a non-issue in most offices today.

What do you think? Which home office would you prefer to work in?

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