Feng Shui Remedy If Your Fame Area Is In The Bathroom

Our home signifies more than what we consider our dwelling place. In feng shui, people believe that our home affects the many aspects of our life including our careers. Feng shui teaches plentiful ways to enhance the different areas of our life. One of the most powerful tools in feng shui that we can use in our homes is the Bagua Map. 

The Bagua map divides your home into nine separate zones. These zones represent different areas of your life including family, wealth, travel, knowledge, health, children, fame, career, and love. It is important that you place things or materials that can nourish the areas and not counter them. 

If you are familiar with the Bagua map, you might have known the fact that the fame and reputation sector is good with any fire element. But what happens when the location of your home’s fame and reputation gua is in your bathroom?

Fame Area Is in The Bathroom

When your fame area is in the bathroom, the dominance of the water’s existence is said to shoot all the energy down your drain. It is also similar to flushing down your passion to the toilet. This is probably the reason why you have problems with your social life. It is a known fact that most of us do not take fame as a big deal and several people don’t want to do anything about it. If you are one of those people who do not have any aspirations of becoming famous, you will likely think having this sector placed in your bathroom is not to worry about. I am not trying to burst your bubble, but sadly it is actually something to worry about. 

The fame and reputation area does not only focus on your level of fame but also is closely associated with your career sector in life. It also includes your passion. Thus, if you are having troubles in your career and promotion, it could be linked to your social abilities. Being a good team player is a necessary skill to boost your career and climb the corporate ladder. Guess which part of the Bagua map helps you with this? Yea, that is right—it is the fame and reputation area!

If you still think it is not worth the time to deal with your fame and reputation area being located in your bathroom, then let me warn you that it is also related to creating a connection with people like building a family or looking for a lover. As feng shui always taught us: everything is connected. 

However, even though it is something to worry about, it is definitely not something to panic about. Know these easy and quick remedies for your fame and reputation area. Do not let your dreams and aspiration flush down your drains. Do something about it!

The Remedy

Since it is nearly impossible to remove your bathroom and put it in a different space, there are quick remedies you can apply. Here are some of the things you can do to cure the fame and reputation of your home being located to your bathroom:

Make It Cozy and Warm!

This is a great opportunity for you to have your bathroom feels like a spa salon. How nice would that be? You will not only be able to gain good fame and reputation but also have the best bathroom to relax in! Since the water element predominates the bathroom, you may try and add fire elements to it. Add candles, especially scented ones. Also, install warm lighting and decorations that have a pointed or star-shaped appearance. Fire element also represents the sense of expansion and radiance. Make sure your bathroom feels that way when you added these fire element materials. 

Also, do not be afraid to over-apply. Your bathroom needs more than you think in able to over dominate the water elements. Nevertheless, even though you are going for a cozy look, it is best to avoid having black walls or decorations in your bathroom since this color is very well-known as a water element instead add red-colored ones. 

Add Accents

Another way to deal with the auspicious energy from water is to add accents of the wood element. Wood depletes and weakens the water element. (You may read more about this by reading our former blog.) Additionally, wood is a great addition to your bathroom as it will also help it look more aesthetically pleasant looking. You can install a wood lining to your walls or replace your cabinets with storage that is made of varnished wood. 

Too much Wavy lines or free-formed shape accents are discouraged in your bathroom since it looks like water. Having such decors or accents adds to the water element in your bathroom. Cover it up with wood tiles or replace it with decors made from wood.

Display Your Inspiration

Add portraits or artwork in your bathroom to stimulate a sense of inspiration as you enjoy your cozy bath. It will help you get motivated and it will contribute to the energy of your fame and reputation area. You can place a portrait of your favorite artists or people that inspire you. You may also opt for artworks that signify success. It is also a great idea to put figurines that almost look like trophies. 

An alternative way to display something inspirational is to decorate your bathroom with framed quotes, sayings, and affirmations. This will always remind you to take action for your goals and achievements. 

Show Your Intentions

All of these remedies are nothing if you do not put your intentions and manifestations to reality. Always give yourself time to reflect and think about your aims and goals. It is also recommended to think about how you can make yourself better in engaging with others. Since your fame and reputation area is located in your bathroom, you might as well meditate there while taking a hot bath. Let your imaginations run free and surely it will get back to you with great results. Doing this will enhance your creativity. It is a way to plan things out. Nobody beats a person who takes her dreams to heart! 

Having the time to think of these things shows how much you care about your reputation and how passionate you are about your career.

In A Nutshell

The Bagua areas of your home represent different aspects of your life but nevertheless are always interconnected. Do not let any of these areas have bad inauspicious energy. This article serves as a remedy if one of your gua areas is at stake. The good news is—we have more for you! Cure any missing link of your Bagua by reading more articles from us.


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