Is it Okay to Have My Master Bath in My Wealth Area?

It is vital in feng shui to make sure that all the areas of your home are in their right gua to get the best possible energies that attract all the blessings you are longing for. That is why it is encouraged in feng shui for you to be knowledgeable about the 8 life symbols in the bagua map, which are the wealth and prosperity area, fame and reputation area, relationship area, family area, health and center, children and creativity area, knowledge and self-cultivation area, career area, travel area, and helpful area.

What you can do to make sure your house is in good feng shui condition is to check all the gua on the bagua map and see to it that the area designated to each gua is compatible with each other. In this article, we will be focusing on the wealth and prosperity area, which is located in the south-east area of your home or on the left side at the back end of your house. This sector does not solely stand for ‘money’, but also holds your family’s fate when it comes to their ‘prosperity and abundance’ luck.

In most cases, master bedrooms are located in the back portion of your home. These rooms are huge and typically have their own bathroom, which creates the layout problem of having the master bath in the wealth corner of your home. If you have this very same house layout, then you will probably be concerned about whether it is okay to have a bathroom in the wealth corner. Well, let us cut to the chase; the idea is scorned in feng shui! Here are the reasons why:

  • A Dirty Area

Your bathroom is considered a dirty space where we get rid of impurities. We come to this very place to wash and cleanse ourselves from dirt and unwanted energies. Thus, this place makes it not suitable to house the destiny of your wealth and prosperity corner. Your prosperity sector is not only comprised of your financial status but could also heavily impact your career and social standing in life. With this in mind, make sure that this sector of your home is away from anything that is related to dirt and mess.

  • Flush Out Energies

We all know that your bathroom functions in such a way that it flushes out an enormous amount of water. Consequently, it is believed in feng shui to be a bad place to locate your wealth corner, as it could result in financial loss due to energies being flushed out along with the water. For this reason alone, you will likely want to avoid having a bathroom in your abundance gua. But the cost issue arises when it is already said and done (that is, you already have this layout in your house). The expenses you will perhaps incur for renovations are a big cut from your supposed savings.

  • Too Much Water Element

Ironically, the water element in feng shui represents wealth and luck, which means a bathroom that is known to contain an abundant amount of water should be a good area to be in the wealth corner. But as we all know by now, feng shui says it is not! Aside from all the reasons I have already talked about, another one on the list is that a bathroom is dominated by water. A gigantic amount of water can bring you the contradictory, as the saying goes: too much of anything is bad.

It is true that a lot of water is brought into your bathroom, which could also symbolize monetary blessings going in. But take note that a lot of this water goes out immediately, as this is the main function of a bathroom—to clean and flush out! Therefore, it is now clear why a bathroom is discouraged in your abundance and prosperity corner: the energies that bring wealth and luck lack steadiness, leading to a fluctuating financial condition.

You Can Remedy It!

The good news is that if you know there is a problem, there is always a solution! I know it is not always practical to get a reconstruction. As I have previously mentioned, getting a renovation will be a big loss on your savings! Imagine all the hassle you will come across trying to switch bathrooms. Instead of going to the depths of rebuilding and renovation, try to remedy it with these arms-length feng shui cure ideas!

  • Clean and Declutter Frequently

Feng shui advised us to let the wealth corner be away from dirt and mess; thus, you can remedy it by making sure your bathroom is sparkling clean and organized. It's that easy! There is no need to complicate matters; you have the solution right in your hands.

  • Always Close the Toilet Lid

The toilet pit is the biggest pipe in your bathroom, and by leaving it open, you are allowing the energies to be sucked out and down the drain. Make it a practice to always close your toilet’s lid after using it. Warn your family members about this to avoid financial damage.

  • Fix Your Faulty Pipes

Make sure all your pipes are not leaking, as this could also signify a leak of financial blessings. Have all of your pipes and faucets checked and repaired. Replace any broken faucets as needed.

  • Balance Out the Water Element

Add plants to your bathroom because these are known to be good wood elements. These plants consume the excess water element present inside the bathroom. Water elements nourish wood. Wood brings stability, so it is a great help to make your wealth blessings stay instead of going out immediately. You can also apply colors that symbolize the wood element, which include but are not limited to shades of green, blue, and brown.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more you can do to fix the feng shui condition of your bathroom being in the wealth corner of the bagua map. Is there another remedy you can think of? Let us know about it by leaving your comments below! To learn more feng shui bathroom tips, you may visit our blog and read home related articles.

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