What If My Office Is In My Bedroom? Two Essential Feng Shui Tips

“What if there’s no other place for my office than in my bedroom?

When your desk is in your bedroom, you’re likely to have sleep on your mind as you work, and work on your mind when you need to relax.

But sometimes there’s no way around it. Small apartments and shared homes are just two situations where this scenario is likely to arise.

Here are two Feng Shui tips that create separation between your work and your rest.

1. Create a “new room” with a businesslike bedcover during working hours.



At night the bed looks soft, inviting and restful.




But with a more assertive bedcover, your bed is transformed and ready for the workday:



This simple and elegant Feng Shui solution says “business” while serving a practical purpose: an additional surface for staging papers and such as you work.



2. Likewise, set your desk up with a cover for non-working hours. 


An old-fashioned roll-top desk is ideal for this purpose, but any way of covering your work will do.

At the end of the day you can easily transform your room back into a bedroom again.


With these two simple steps you can create a room with good Feng Shui for both purposes at once, work and rest.

At the same time, use Feng Shui to set your intention for setting up a separate office space as soon as you can.

You deserve to have true separation between two of the most important parts of your life.

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