What’s Your Feng Shui Personality Type?

Did you know that you have a “personality type” in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui terms, you are made up of a combination of all of Feng Shui’s Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

But one element predominates within you — the one that corresponds to your personal Archetype.

Your Feng Shui Archetype represents your innermost qualities and the way you express yourself in the world.

Which one describes you best?

WOOD element Archetype:The PIONEER: 
* Strong and flexible
* Values personal freedom, confident, purposeful
* Competitive, ambitious, directed
* Good at planning and strategy
* Idealistic and optimistic
*Enhance your Feng Shui Archetype with Wood, nourish it with Water, restrain it with Metal

FIRE element Archetype: The WIZARD
* Charismatic, enthusiastic, empathetic
* Values clarity, inspiration, insight
* Alert, lively, and social
* Dynamic, communicative, passionate, restless
*Enhance your Feng Shui Archetype with Fire, nourish it with Wood; restrain it with Water

EARTH element Archetype: The PEACEMAKER
* Centered, stable and solid
* Sociable, agreeable, attentive
* Has a great need to “belong”
* Reliable, nurturing, supportive
*Enhance your Feng Shui Archetype with Earth, nourish it with Fire, restrain it with Wood

METAL element Archetype: The ALCHEMIST
* Values structure, precision, efficiency
* Good at boundaries: self-reliant, needs personal space
* Discerning, methodical, scrupulous
* Neat, calm, disciplined, honorable
*Enhance your Feng Shui Archetype with Metal, nourish it with Earth, restrain it with Fire.

WATER element Archetype: The PHILOSOPHER
* Introspective, curious, watchful
* Lucid, reflective, hates waste (thrifty!)
* Candid, modest, objective
* Values ingenuity
*Enhance your Feng Shui Archetype with Water, nourish it with Metal, restrain it with Earth.

Keep your Archetype in mind and nourish it with the elements that suit your personality to maintain your balance and align yourself with nature’s harmonies.

For further reading check out this article about how Feng Shui’s Five Elements nourish and balance one another

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