Why incorporating Feng Shui into your garden can improve your summer

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that entails arranging your space in harmony with the natural world. Feng Shui is gaining ground in recent years as a way to bring peace into the home and other areas. In fact, Feng Shui can also be applied to your garden to enhance your summer experience. In this context, let’s explore how incorporating Feng Shui into your garden can improve your summer.

Firstly, one way that Feng Shui can significantly improve your summer is by creating a positive energy flow which is known as Chi. This beautiful ancient practice helps us create a living space that supports us energetically, rather than one that works against us. The garden is an important part of Feng Shui as it is a place where we can relax and unwind. Having a garden that is tidy, clean, and aligned with your vision is the best way to have a well-balanced, harmonious, and peaceful life. Feng Shui has also been linked to decreasing levels of stress, allowing you a safe space to enjoy time with family and friends.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that Feng Shui has five elements which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. You can envision each of these elements in your garden by having different types of plants, garden accessories, and even the garden shed. According to your personal tastes, you can find a Feng Shui color palette to complement it. For example, bright and bold colors such as green and blue can boost harmony when you are lounging in your garden shed. This is because colors like green are associated with the Earth and natural elements which have associations with life and vitality. These colors also go well as they can be glimpsed easily in the garden with the grass being green and the sky being blue. Incorporating the five Feng Shui elements can help you achieve your own goals.

The plants you choose also have a powerful effect on your summer according to Feng Shui as certain flowers symbolize various messages such as growth and prosperity. However, it is also important to include a diverse range of flowers as these can improve the energy of your garden, generating feelings of abundance rather than scarcity.

Of course, it is also a good idea to contemplate where your garden shed is going to be placed in order to have the best summer ever. Feng Shui highlights that items such as garden sheds should be placed somewhat in the open but also in an area that is subtle. It should never thwart your view of other things in the garden as this can create an energy block, meaning that your summer experience may not be as positive.

In addition, in Feng Shui, the high temperatures and bright sunshine of summer are associated with hot, yang energy. While this can inspire us to relax and unwind in the summer, we also need to be careful of having too much hot energy as it can make us feel exhausted, drained, and overwhelmed. In order to balance this powerful yang energy, it is important to put your energy towards rearranging your garden shed and elements of your garden so that there is more Yin energy. For instance, if you have heaters in your garden shed in the summer, turn them off. Similarly, keeping everything clean and neat in your garden shed is a good way to not become overwhelmed by Yang energy. 

Ultimately, creating the best summer experience is easy when you incorporate Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not just powerful for making your garden look beautiful, but it also fosters an atmosphere and a feeling of peace and harmony. Whether you have a garden shed and want to find out how you can enjoy it more or simply want a better way of relaxing in your garden, using Feng Shui can help make your summer more positive overall.

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