Why Is The Bagua Map Set Up The Way It Is?

Have you ever wondered why the Bagua is laid out the way it is?

In fact each of the nine sectors on the Feng Shui Bagua Map has been carefully located to reflect its role in your life, and how you can be most receptive to its benefits.

The Map is set up in horizontal bands that become more private as you move towards the back of your space.


The bottom of the map, where you enter your home or office, is most accessible to the outside world.

In these three parts of your life — Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Career/Life Journey, and Travel/Helpful People — you must interact with others to keep your life moving in a healthy direction.

  • These three entryway sectors allow the strongest energy exchange with your public life.


The center of the Bagua contains the areas that bridge your inner self with your public life: New Beginnings & Family, Health and Children.

This part of your environment draws on the energy of the outside world for nourishment while still providing some protection and safety.

  • These center sectors are semi-public and semi-private. They need the energy of both parts of your life.


Finally, the back of your space, in the topmost band of the Map, contains the most private areas of your life: your Abundance, your Reputation in the world, and your Marriage and Intimate Relationships.

  • These sectors, located in the safest, most secure part of your home or office, help you to do the best job of caring for yourself.

It’s no accident that Abundance and Relationship are in the back corners of your space: in these sectors you are most strongly “In Command.”  

Here you come into a quiet, deep connection with your most intimate self.

You’re best able to take care of the things that are most important and bring you the most joy.

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