Why Mirrors Don’t Belong In A Feng Shui Bedroom

Award-winning architect Kevin Roche loves mirrors.

He loves them so much that a whole section of his retrospective at the Yale School of Architecture was devoted to them.

I was fascinated to discover his point of view on mirrors, which makes a lot of Feng Shui sense:

Kevin Roche quote about mirrors.

The quote says:

“The marvelous thing that happens with the mirror is that it is constantly alive as one moves. It becomes a kinetic surface as it picks up reflections, sparkle, and dark spots….”

This quote perfectly captures the reasons that from a Feng Shui perspective, mirrors don’t belong in your bedroom.

Something that’s “constantly alive” serves to keep you awake, just when it’s time to relax, let go, and drift into a peaceful night’s sleep.

So if you haven’t already, I encourage you to move the mirrors out of your bedroom.

Your mirror’s sparkling reflections will be happy elsewhere -> your living room, hallway, entryway….

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