How Yin and Yang Symbolizes Your Life’s Balance

You all must have seen the circular shape of Yin and Yang in your favorite TV shows or movies, or you simply came across it in your daily life. Most people are unaware of the depth of the meaning this symbol holds!!

Life is a complex and exciting journey, but one of the fundamental principles that can help us lead a balanced life is Yin and Yang. The idea of Yin and Yang is about dynamic balance in everything that exists, which can be understood conceptually as an eternal process of creation, destruction, and renewal of all things.

“Everything in the world is made up of a balance of energies known as Yin and Yang.”

What are Yin and Yang?

The well-known symbol shows that while Yin & Yang are constantly evolving, there’s always a little bit of one in the other:


Yin is the darker part you see in the symbol. Its energy is feminine, dark, intimate, cool, quiet, and asleep. It is symbolized by the moon on the cold night of the winter.


Yang is the lighter part you see in the symbol. Its energy is masculine, bright, lively & social, hot, dry, loud, and awake. It is symbolized by the sun on the hot day of the summer.

What is there a Teardrop of the Opposite Energy in Yin and Yang Symbol?

The small white teardrop in the Yin energy and the black teardrop in the Yang energy represents the interaction of the energies with each other. 

Furthermore, if we observe the symbol more closely, we will discover that the right black part descends to the left and the left white part ascends to the right. This concept gives another hint about the interaction between the two opposite energies.

And who can forget the most famous part of this symbol.

“Nothing in this universe is purely good or purely bad.”

The circle also signifies the completeness of the structure. An absence of either of the two energies symbolizes that something is missing and disturb the overall structure's balance.

Why is the Balance Between Yin and Yang Important?

According to Chinese lore, Yin and Yang came into being from the chaos of the universe when it was first created. Since then, the rule of thumb has remained the same: 

“Stability comes from the harmony”

Yin & Yang energies bring your space into balance and give you ways to support the changes you’re experiencing in your life.

The more extreme and out-of-balance an environment gets, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

Yin and Yang in Your Home

We’re looking for balance no matter where we are, and it’s essential to remember that each room in your home needs its own balance of Yin & Yang: your bedroom is more Yin, and your kitchen is more Yang, for instance.

Yin Rooms

The Yin rooms should be quiet, laid-back, and relaxing. Ideally, the following rooms need relatively more Yin energy.

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Meditation Rooms
  • Yoga rooms
  • Storage spaces
  • Empty rooms

Yang Rooms

Yang rooms are bright and full of energy. Ideally, the following rooms should contain more Yang energy.

  • Living rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining rooms
  • TV Room
  • Playrooms
  • Home offices

How to Solve the imbalance of Energies?

An extreme Yin environment might be a spooky cemetery, while the hot desert is an extreme Yang environment.

You wouldn’t want to be in either place for long – we crave warmth and sunlight in a cemetery; we seek shade and a drink of cool water in the desert.

“When you bring your environment into the right Yin-Yang balance, you’ll feel more balanced yourself.”

How to Solve Excessive Yin Energy in The Room?

Although we love peace and calmness in the bedroom or bathroom, going overboard with the Yin energy will render the place dull and lifeless – and that’s the last thing anyone would want!

You can add some aspects of the Yang energy into the room by using the following tips:

  • Add bright or warm colors like red, yellow, orange, and coral. You can incorporate these colors easily into your bedsheet, curtains, or art pieces.
  • Get natural sunlight. Check if you need to change your window frame to allow more natural light into the room. You can use drapes or curtains on the window to control the amount of light that gets in the room.
  • Play some music. Music is an amazing way to add Yang energy while preserving the soothing Yin energy. You can play the sound of waves, birds, or rain to introduce a natural sound in the environment.

How to Solve Excessive Yang Energy in The Room?

Living rooms and kitchens are lively, cheerful, and exciting places for a gathering. However, the bustling and loudness can get overwhelming sometimes.

Utilize the following tips to sprinkle some Yin energy to maintain the balance of the environment:

  • Dim the lights of the room. Update your light bulbs that can be dimmed or toned down whenever needed. You can even use lamps instead of the overhead light to dim the room's light.
  • Throw in some soft cushions and pillows. The best part is that even with the bright-colored Yang cushion covers, the soft surface of the cushion maintains the Yin energy of the room.
  • Paint a neutral color like white or grey on the wall instead of screaming bright colors. This will help to tone down excessive Yang energy.

Yin and Yang in Our Daily Life

Numerous things are happening in our surroundings that hints at the harmonizing Yin and Yang energy. Some of them include the following:

Day and Night

A bright day signifies the Yang energy that makes way for a more relaxing night, which represents the Yin energy. And the cycle repeats in harmony.

Ocean Waves

When the exciting waves hit the shore, it signifies the Yang energy. Similarly, when the waves retreat, that represents the Yin energy.


Every year and each day, we observe how the seasons transition from warm to cold and back to warm again. That also signifies the Yin (cold) and Yang (warm) 

That’s All, Folks!

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So, how are you achieving balance in your precious living space? See what we have in store to help you enliven your living space!

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