Yin & Yang: Your Life In Balance

Everything in the world is made up of a balance of energies known as Yin and Yang.

Yin & Yang energies bring your space into balance and give you ways to support the changes you’re experiencing in your life.

The well-known symbol shows that while Yin & Yang are constantly evolving, there’s always a little bit of one in the other:

Yin is feminine. Its energy is dark, intimate, cool, quiet, symbolized by the moon and by nighttime.

Yang is masculine. Its energy is bright, lively & social, hot, dry, symbolized by the sun and by daytime.

The more extreme and out-of-balance an environment gets, the more uncomfortable it becomes.

For example, an extreme Yin environment might be a spooky cemetery, while the hot desert is an extreme Yang environment.

You wouldn’t want to be in either place for long – we crave warmth and sunlight in a cemetery; we seek shade and a drink of cool water in the desert.

We’re looking for balance no matter where we are and it’s important to keep in mind that each room in your home needs its own balance of Yin & Yang: your bedroom more Yin, your kitchen more Yang, for instance.

When you bring your environment into the right Yin-Yang balance you’ll feel more balanced yourself.

How are you achieving balance in your space?

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