Meet Our In-House Expert

Feng Shui and Interior Design Expert and OpenSpacesFeng


Sylvia Li is the Feng Shui expert of She is versed in interior design and practices both modern and classical Feng Shui – Western School of Feng Shui, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars. When she's not working, she enjoys outdoor activities that gets her in touch with nature.

Feng Shui and Interior Design Experience

Sylvia has 5 years of experience in interior design and 8 years of experience in practicing Feng Shui. She integrates her knowledge in Feng Shui and interior design to create style and comfort in all living spaces. She has helped over 100+ clients over the years, with most of them located in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and USA. She is also a member of the Interior Design Society.  


Sylvia graduated in 2009 from the University of Tennessee and later on got her MBA from Northwestern University.